Imagine Your Life If You Joined The Oxford Club When We Started Over 20 Years Ago
Imagine Your Life...

If you joined The Oxford Club
when we started over 20 years ago.

Had you followed our recommended plays and invested $10,000 annually, you'd be sitting on $1.4 million today... with a 20-year average return
more than four times higher than the everyday investor.

(Read on to discover why it isn't too late to change your life
and get on The Oxford Club's easy-to-navigate road to wealth.)
Dear Future Member,

To help you understand just how dramatically your financial life could change once you join The Oxford Club, I'd like to tell you a "tale of two wealth seekers."

It's a fictional tale, but it's based on real numbers – returns I believe you can relate to.

Meet Jim...

Jim is an insurance adjuster about 10 years away from retiring. A cautious guy, he started with $25,000 in 1991 and he's made sure to dutifully contribute $5,000 to a company-managed equity fund each year for the past 20 years.

To date, Jim has accrued $223,600.

That's not bad. If he generates an average return of 8% (a difficult but not impossible goal) he will have a retirement income of $17,900 a year. And assuming he gets another $25,000 a year from Social Security he will have a grand total of $42,800 coming in each year.

How does that pan out in terms of a lifestyle? Jim can look forward to a one-bedroom condo... a secondhand Nissan... maybe a modest vacation for two weeks a year.

Now meet Eliot...

Eliot is a city building inspector who is also a decade from retirement. Like Jim, he started with an initial investment of $25,000 in 1991.

But unlike Jim, Eliot joined the The Oxford Club 20 years ago – and he's been putting $5,000 annually into Oxford Club recommendations.

As a result, Eliot has accumulated a retirement nest egg worth $1.08 million!

Now, assuming Eliot gets the same 8% return on his savings and the same $25,000 from Social Security, his annual income will be $111,900.
Oxford Club Member Eliot has made over $1 million
There is a big difference – I'm sure you will agree – between a retirement income of $42,800 and $111,900.

Eliot would live in a beautiful house on the water... drive a luxury car... and have the freedom to enjoy long, five-star vacations. But that's only the beginning.

You see, Eliot is a long-time member of The Oxford Club... So, bearing in mind that we can't predict exactly how our recommended plays will perform over the next decade, if our fictional Eliot keeps investing $5,000 annually – and gets the same average return we've gotten for the last 20 years – he would have a nest egg of nearly $5 million when he retires.

It's all because he spends an extra hour each month, reading up on the latest Oxford Club recommendations.

By the time you've finished reading this letter, you'll know precisely how our unique financial alliance gives ordinary folks like Eliot the chance to get rich every day... and how membership can make all the difference in whether you live a life of mediocrity – or a life of everlasting wealth.

You'll also discover why now may be the best time ever to join our ranks. Let me give you an example of what I mean...

Recently, we uncovered details on a lucrative mining prospect with ties to Apple founder Steve Jobs.

The Wall Street Journal says it's "among the world's largest unexploited gold and copper deposits." And we know of an under-the-radar play that's on the verge of soaring as a result.

But I'll tell you more about that in a minute. First, please allow me to introduce myself...

A Decades-Old Tradition Of Prosperity

Julia GuthMy name is Julia Guth. I've been the Executive Director of The Oxford Club for more than two decades.

Consistently, our newsletter, The Communiqué, is ranked among the top 5 in the nation for risk-adjusted performance over a 10-year period by The Hulbert Financial Digest. That's because our portfolios have produced an astonishing 10% annualized return since 2001.

Compare that to performances by the broad market indexes – it's not even close! (And once you start receiving our top moneymaking picks, I'm sure you'll see why.)
Average Performance 2001-2011
But while it's great to be recognized for our exemplary track record over the past decade, that's really only half of our story.

You see, I've been looking over The Oxford Club's performance since 1991. The truth is: if you joined us then, you could easily be worth millions today. This is not an exaggeration. Here, I'll show you...

Let's say you started with a modest investment of $12,500 in 1991. If you contributed $6,500 a year (bear in mind: the average investor puts 7% of their salary into their 401k each year), today you'd be sitting on $1 million.
From $12k to $1M
Again, there's no way we can predict exactly how our recommended plays will perform in the future.

But even if I can't promise any of the above will happen if you become a member, I can tell you this: It has happened – to folks like Roger Jackson...

Roger joined the Oxford Club back in 2005 – at a time when the S&P 500's average return had dropped by more than half. But over the turbulent years that followed, he had an edge over most wealth seekers... and an opportunity to score dozens of double- and triple-digit winners. Now...
"After six years [with The Oxford Club]... I have made enough money to last a couple of lifetimes..."
And how about Lloyd Benson? Lloyd has been an Oxford Club member since 1997. During that time, the markets have certainly had their ups and downs. But thanks to our experts' thoughtful recommendations, Lloyd has greatly outperformed his peers. He sent us this note before renewing his membership last April:
"[The Oxford Club] has made me a couple mil over the years."
I could share countless other positive financial experiences like this – we continually receive glowing feedback from our members. So it's no surprise that many of them (over 40% of our current membership) join for life.

But right now I'm wondering...

Why Aren't You Already a Member?

It's a valid question. Because if you're reading this now, there's a good chance we've reached out to you before. Perhaps you didn't believe the claims we were making... or perhaps you just didn't think The Oxford Club was right for you.

Well, let's not dwell on the past. Like anyone, I'm sure you've made many good and not-so-good decisions over the years. But this is your invitation to make what I am sure will prove to be the best investment decision of your life.

I want to tell you more about the tremendous wealth-gaining opportunity I previously mentioned. But before I get into that, here's a quick look at some of the closed gains in our model portfolio:
A Sampling of Gains Scored Between 2011 and 2012
That's only a small taste of what we offer Oxford Club members every single day. In fact, as I write this, three of our open plays are soaring in the triple digits... and four others are coasting higher than 50%.

Our team of investment research professionals is always on the lookout for their next crop of winners – like the one potentially explosive opportunity I told you about earlier.

We are particularly excited about this opportunity post-election and for the coming year. I'd like to send you all the details. Plus, I'll send you three more urgent opportunity reports from our expert team. Here's a sneak peak:

Explosive Opportunity #1: How to Stake Your Claim in this $340 Billion Precious Metals Discovery...
When you think of Steve Jobs, mineral investing may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But that's because few people know one of his biggest professional influences founded a major resource development company. And that company is on the verge of tapping a huge mineral deposit overseas...

How huge? According to the Wall Street Journal, it "could be worth some $300 billion." But even if it's worth half or a quarter of that, it won't matter. Because this company is currently worth just $9 billion – and a flash-flood of revenue will surely send share prices soaring.

We've included all the need-to-know details in our exclusive report: How to Stake Your Claim in this $340 Billion Precious Metals Discovery. It's yours, free, just as soon as you join The Oxford Club.
Explosive Opportunity #2: The Seven Stocks You Must Buy for Growth and Income in 2013...
We're expecting 2013 to be another banner year for The Oxford Club. And to start things off with a bang, our experts have lined up seven opportunities that could shape up to be the year's biggest success stories.

They include: A U.S. oil manufacturer that controls more than 16,000 miles of pipeline (and pays a robust dividend)... a little-known tech that's generated double-digit earnings growth for 11 straight quarters... a natural gas play set to triple profits over the next year... and more.

You'll learn everything you need to know about each stock when you read our members-only report: The Seven Stocks You Must Buy for Growth and Income in 2013. Again, it's yours free once you become an Oxford Club member.
Explosive Opportunity #3: How to Buy the World's Most Profitable Retailer for Under $3 per Share...
What if you could go back and buy shares of Apple for $4? A $10,000 investment in 1997 would be worth over $2 million today.

Or how about if you went back to 1992, when shares of Starbucks cost less than $1? Your initial investment would be up more than 6,000%.

These are all hypothetical scenarios, of course. But our experts recently uncovered a real opportunity to buy shares of one of the world's hottest companies – a retail giant worth almost $250 billion – for less than $3.

It's sprung up thousands of percentage points over the last three decades. And you'll learn how to get a piece of its monster growth – at an extreme discount – in our special report: How to Buy the World's Most Profitable Retailer for Under $3 per Share.

As you can see, there's never a shortage of groundbreaking – even life-changing – investment research at The Oxford Club.

And it's all thanks to our decorated investment professionals...

Meet Our World-Renowned Experts

Alex GreenAlexander Green,
Investment Director

A Wall Street veteran, Alex has more than 20 years' experience as a research analyst, investment advisor, financial writer and portfolio manager. Alex knows how the markets work from the inside... what stocks work best for the long term... and he can recognize the extreme ups and downs of the markets for what they are.

Alex has been featured on The O'Reilly Factor, and has been profiled by The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Forbes and Kiplinger's Personal Finance, among others. He is also the bestselling author of three books: The Gone Fishin' Portfolio: Get Wise, Get Wealthy; Get On With Your Life, The Secret of Shelter Island: Money and What Matters, and Beyond Wealth: The Road Map to a Rich Life.

Marc LichtenfeldMarc Lichtenfeld,
Associate Investment Director

Marc's investment career started out at the trading desk of Carlin Equities in San Francisco, CA, where he executed dozens of trades each day for his clients. Throughout his career, Marc has outperformed the S&P 500 and the S&P Healthcare Index by a wide margin.

Marc is both the Club's resident healthcare expert – and our income expert. He can look at a biotech or pharma company's balance sheet and provide a reasoned judgment on its financial condition. Marc has been published in the online version of The Wall Street Journal, The Street and was featured on NPR's The Story. He is also the author of the recent bestseller, Get Rich with Dividends: A Proven System for Earning Double-Digit Returns.

Steve McDonaldSteve McDonald,
Bond Expert and Host of Market Wake-Up Call

Steve is a lively commentator on The Oxford Club's video programs and serves as our bond expert with over 20 years' experience. Prior to joining our team, he was a professional broker. On an annual basis, Steve led 30 to 40 workshops teaching conservative investors how to build their portfolios quickly and easily.

Before entering the investment industry, Steve spent eight years as a Naval Aviator in both fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft, and as a Surface Warfare Officer.

David FesslerDavid Fessler,
Energy and Infrastructure Specialist

Dave brings investment success spanning over 35 years in the energy and technology sectors. From cutting-edge plays in solar energy... to "green" predictions for the upcoming year... transportation technology trends... and breakthroughs in alternative energy... Dave can show you how to position yourself in the markets' most unpredictable sectors.

When the price of oil skyrockets, most investors panic – but Dave is there to tell you precisely what's going on... and to present unique opportunities to profit.

Carl DelfeldCarl Delfeld,
Overseas and Emerging Markets Specialist

Before coming to work at The Oxford Club, Carl had a long and distinguished career working for the Asia Development Bank and other government and private institutions. A former consultant to the U.S. Treasury and U.S. Senate Finance Committee, Carl has an intimate knowledge of what makes global markets tick. And with the investment world fixated on China, Brazil, India and Russia, Carl knows the challenges local companies face... and how to identify a solid investment opportunity.

Matthew CarrMatthew Carr,
Market Trends Specialist

Matthew is editor of "What We Are Watching" and The Advanced Investment U Course with Dr. Scott Brown. For the past decade, Matthew's main focus has been commodities and the oil and gas sector. His professional experience includes financial and risk analysis, emerging markets, business-to-business credit and corporate bankruptcies. This knowledge enables him to take a true bottom-up approach to investing – and show Oxford Club members how they can best use emerging market trends as an advantage.

Jeff YastineJeff Yastine,
Editorial Director

Prior to joining the Oxford Club team, Jeff was an anchor and senior correspondent for the long-running finance news program "PBS Nightly Business Report." During his 17 years there, Jeff interviewed dozens of CEOs of major public and private companies, along with a bevy of market strategists, analysts, and other business and policy newsmakers. In 2007, his work at NBR earned him an Emmy Award nomination.

As The Oxford Club's Editorial Director, Jeff works closely with Investment Director Alexander Green and the rest of the Club's experts to provide the most accurate and relevant information possible to members.

Without these men, The Oxford Club wouldn't be the top-performing financial club it is today. Their unique insight helps members find success – even in the most uncertain markets...

All-Weather Investment Research
With A Proven Success Rate

While others panic, our experts calmly show readers how to make money.

"There are always risks," Alexander Green wrote in 2010 (after the Dow had just dropped 165 points). "The future is always uncertain. And commentators have insisted that the world is going to hell in a handbasket for, oh, a few thousand years now."

Alex went on to profile a tech company growing in spite of the recession... a position we eventually closed for a 135% gain.

That's just one of many successful plays we've uncovered since 2008. In fact, closed gains in our model trading portfolio averaged around 10.5% during the recession – proving once again that The Oxford Club crushes all benchmarks. And our members reap the benefits.
Recession Performance
Like Jake Miller who e-mailed us in February... "I am up hundreds of thousands of dollars since the market crashed."

That's an impressive feat indeed. But it's what our members have come to expect...

Don't Miss Out On Your Chance
To Earn Millions

As I said, The Oxford Club trounces every benchmark out there. Let me ask you this, though: Do you know what the average investor returned over the last 20 years?

The answer is just 2.1%. That's all.

To compare, the Dow and the NYSE each returned around 8%. And the S&P 500 returned nearly 11%.

Now, do you know what the average play in the Oxford Club trading portfolio returned? 16%.

Pitted against the S&P 500, that's a difference of five percentage points – which may not seem like a big deal. But over time, it could easily decide whether or not you become a millionaire. Let me show you...

Keeping it simple, let's say you started with a $10,000 portfolio in 1991 and added an additional $10,000 each year. At the end of five years, here's how each benchmark would perform:
Oxford Club after 5 years
Now let's flash-forward to the end of 10 years:
Oxford Club after 10 years
The Oxford Club portfolio is already more than double that of the average investor. And as time goes on, that lead only gets wider...

By 2011, the average investor would have $265,715... but an Oxford Club member would have more than $1.4 million.
The Oxford Club Difference
See the difference? That's the sort of competitive edge you'll have once you join The Oxford Club. And the best part? The value of your portfolio could grow exponentially the longer you're a member.

So you can see why so many of our members stay with us for life. Truthfully, I can't think of any better way to ensure everlasting wealth.

Of course, there's more to wealth than just quick gains and front-line investment opportunities. From the very beginning, we set out to build a private, tight-knit community for serious wealth-seekers. Oxford Club members hail from over 100 different countries and they all share one common goal: To lead a rich life...

An International Fellowship Of Wealth-Seekers

As the Oxford Club's Executive Director, I have the great pleasure of meeting with members from all over the world at our annual investment conferences. And the one thing that always floors me is the overwhelming sense of comradery.

That's because when you join the Oxford Club, you become part of an exclusive community. Take it from Jack Dale, a member since 2005:
"I've finally found a unique fraternity of likeminded people that are about wealth-acquiring and keeping the wealth... to begin a more private, wealthier life, free from the rat race."
Baltimore Clubhouse
A "unique fraternity" indeed. At Oxford Club gatherings, our members discuss everything from what's going on in the markets... to which types of rum they enjoy... or what country they're planning on visiting next.

And on OC Social (the Club's cutting-edge networking site), members discuss recommendations, share success stories and pose questions to the community.

But by far the most unique privilege of Oxford Club membership is that you always have a "place to visit" when your travels take you near one of our four global headquarters.

Chateau Courtemer
There's the U.S. Clubhouse – a beautifully restored historic brownstone in the heart of Baltimore's Mount Vernon district...

Then there's our London office in the bustling Fleet Street district.

In France, take the train a few hours south from Paris to a 17th century château in the French countryside (members are encouraged to stay, enjoy the Oxford Club Library, authentic French cuisine, the miles of tended trails, visit the local towns and take in a tour of Normandy or a local vineyard).

You might even fly to Nicaragua to spend a few relaxing nights at our "Members' Seaside Inn," located directly on one of the most beautiful beaches you'll find on the Pacific coast.

Wherever you go, these clubhouses are yours to use and enjoy.

But when it comes to the benefits of membership, that's only the beginning...

Here's What You Can Expect

The moment you sign up to become an Oxford Club member, you'll get immediate access to a number of wealth-building services, including:
The Communiqué: one of the highest-ranked investment newsletters in the country. The official "letter of record" for Oxford Club members. Each month you'll learn about new investment opportunities The Oxford Club is recommending. You'll also get updates on our current recommended portfolio, as well as learn about new investment techniques and strategies that will help you become a better and more knowledgeable investor. In addition, you'll find wealth-building insights from market experts, traders and company insiders.
Our Club’s Pillars of Wealth Approach to Financial Independence. This valuable master plan is designed to rapidly get you on the road to a richer life, using our proven principles for building and preserving substantial wealth.
Urgent Investor Briefings and Special Situation Reports: We often publish research reports on special investment situations and opportunities as they unfold. This way we can get our best ideas to you as quickly as possible.
The Market Wake-Up Call: This weekly e-letter shows you "What We Are Watching" in the markets and brings you in the room to see our experts in action, through live videotaped interviews from our private studio.
Oxford Portfolio Updates: When a big story on one of our recommendations breaks, you'll receive a members-only e-mail notification telling you everything you need to know.
Safety Switch Alerts: When it's time to exit a position and lock in gains, you'll get an urgent email telling you what to do and how to play it.

And don't forget about those premium investing reports I mentioned earlier (each with a specific, potentially explosive investment opportunity inside for 2013).

You'll receive all three – How to Stake Your Claim in this $340 Billion Precious Metals Discovery... The Seven Stocks You Must Buy for Growth and Income in 2013... and How to Buy the World's Most Profitable Retailer for Under $3 per Share – within minutes after your application is processed. But that's not all...

You'll also have access to a private list of "Pillar One Advisors." Now you can work with some of the world's top experts in the specialized fields of mining exploration, foreign currencies and banking, collectibles, precious and rare earth metals, private equity, privacy and security experts, and legacy wealth planners. They offer discounts and free services to Oxford Club members only.

I could go on. We're always looking for ways to improve membership – whether it's through adding programs and services or incorporating feedback from members. So the longer you're part of The Oxford Club, the greater your reward will become.

And I guarantee you won't get this kind of treatment anywhere else. Because there's no other investment research service in the world like The Oxford Club. But you don't have to take it from me...

What Members Are Saying...
"At the age of 70 I have bought a dream house overlooking a tree-lined canal, with a boat to take my great grandchildren fishing... and your group is paying for it!" - Joe D.
"I've been a broker for over 21 years... you guys are the 'Best of the Best' in my book." - Bruce W.
"As time progresses, I am not renewing newsletters that have disappointed me and am concentrating on The Oxford Club's evaluations. Had I only made that judgment sooner..." - Jim R.
"Your newsletter is the only one that delivers on every promise. I have made real money by heeding your advice, and it is, without a doubt, one of my most invaluable and newsworthy resources." - Dodi M.
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"I had a successful career. But somehow I was still struggling. You might say I was feeling desperate so I gave membership a shot. And boy, am I glad I did! I've made hundreds of thousands following Oxford Club's advice. I don't worry about finances at all anymore. I'm free to travel as I please and it cost me only a few bucks to join." Joe M.
"I manage $100 million of discretionary equity at a large brokerage firm. In spite of our multimillion dollar research team, I use the recommendations of The Oxford Club extensively in managing my high net worth clients' money." Anonymous
"Many of my friends and family, whose money is managed by the top brokerage firms, refuse to believe me when I tell them of the tremendous returns I've accumulated from your recommendations." Austin O.
"I wallowed amongst Wall Street gurus, market experts and joined more publications than I care to admit. But you have provided me with the most helpful financial advice ever!"
Victor R.
"My portfolio has nearly doubled in three years!" Trevor S.

Join a Society of Likeminded Individuals
with One Goal: To Lead a Richer Life

Our members are hardworking professionals, business owners and retirees, just like you. They can be wealthy, or just starting out. Some are sophisticated investors and some are just beginning. There are no asset requirements to join, and no prejudices about who can join. We only ask one thing: That you respect wealth, and that you are serious about learning a proven path to gaining it.

So what are you waiting for?

A Lifetime Of Gains And Privileges Awaits You

You've heard all about the triple-digit gains... the international clubhouses... the premium investors' reports... our accessible network of experts... and the successful investors in our financial fellowship. So I'm sure you're expecting that Oxford Club membership comes with a hefty price tag.

Well prepare to be surprised...

You see, even though the value of Oxford Club membership is in the tens of thousands, we want to give you access to everything for less than you'd spend on a vintage bottle of Dom Perignon... just $149 a year.

And considering all of the incredible opportunities you'll have at your fingertips, it's an absolute steal.

But read on, because for 2013 we are particularly motivated to bring in more members like you. And we're going to lower any barrier for you to get on our tried and true path to wealth – with an even greater discount on membership.

So, for a limited time, I'd like to invite you to join our ranks annually for only $79. That's almost half off the normal price.

As soon as you sign up, we'll start sending you our best ideas, crash course to wealth, and portfolio picks – information that could help you live wealthier in retirement than you ever dreamed possible.

You'll instantly become part of a remarkable group of people from around the world who are serious and respectful of wealth and the freedom to pursue it, as you are.

There's no risk either. If you look over our research and decide it's not what you're looking for, just send us an e-mail or give us a call within 60 days to let us know and you'll receive a full refund. Of course, I sincerely doubt that will happen.

Because right now you're making a very simple – but important – choice: Do you want to live an ordinary financial life... or do you want a shot at true financial independence?

I urge you to take advantage of this life-changing opportunity.

Simply click here or call our member services team right now, toll free at 866.415.8492 or 630.236.4624 (be sure to mention Priority Code: WOXFP315 ).

I hope you'll take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to lead a wealthier life.


Julia C. Guth
Julia C. Guth

Executive Director/Publisher
The Oxford Club

P.S. ACT NOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR LIMITED-TIME MEMBERSHIP-EXPANSION DISCOUNTS! We want to bring in more members like you for 2013 – and lower all barriers of access to get you on the road to extraordinary wealth. To lock in the yearly membership rate of just $79 (greatly discounted from $149) click here or call us directly at 866.415.8492 or 630.236.4624. You'll gain instant access to Club opportunities and services the moment your application is processed.

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