Marc Lichtenfeld:

You’ve heard of America’s greatest inventors...

Eli Whitney... Alexander Graham Bell... Thomas Edison...

Everyone knows the stories behind the cotton gin, the telephone and the light bulb.

But few people know the story of the most important inventor of the last 50 years.

You won’t find it in schoolbooks or on the evening news.

And you certainly won’t hear anyone talking about him at the dinner table.

But the fact is... nobody has done more to change the course of America’s future... And in the process turn average people into “instant millionaires”... Than one 94-year-old man and his groundbreaking invention.

Today, I’ll share with you his unbelievable story...

“The Millionaire Maker”

I’m Marc Lichtenfeld, host of today’s Oxford Special Broadcast.

We’re about to get into the personal details of one man’s life... And how he directly helped so many people get rich.

I consider him to be more important than any modern inventor.

More so than Bill Gates... Jeff Bezos... Or even Steve Jobs.

What he created didn’t just enrich his life.

It’s fundamentally transforming America...

It’s creating an entirely new industry in our country...

It’s bringing down tyrants and despots across the globe...

And perhaps best of all, it’s making more regular Americans instantly rich than any technology ever created.

As The Economist reports, “few businesspeople have done as much to change the world.”

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Daniel Yergin called his invention the most important innovation of the 21st century.

He even sent a letter to the White House last year recommending the 94-year-old inventor be given the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

But it’s Admiral Robert Smith III, president of Texas A&M University, who perhaps sums up the situation best...

“To say he was a great man with foresight and generosity isn’t enough.”

Just listen to some of the stories coming in from regular people who’ve benefited from his invention.

In Kansas, people are becoming “millionaires overnight” according to an ABC News report.

Farmers Donna and Alex Franklin struggled for 20 years before hearing about this man’s invention. Now as “new millionaires,” Francis bought a $174,000 tractor without blinking an eye.

In northeastern Pennsylvania, CNN reports that mechanic Charles Saxon became “a millionaire practically overnight.”

His first check totaled $900,000.

“It’s been the opportunity of a lifetime,” says Jim Edgars, a worker in the construction business who also hit it big. “You hear the doom and gloom about what's happening with the economy on the national news, and then you see what's happening up here.”

Even in the middle of nowhere, people are getting rich.

Lawrence Lesalle, from a tiny town of 1,458 people, is now looking to “reap as much as $1 million per year” according to an ABC News report.

“It’s unexpected, a blessing,” says Lawrence.

Now you may be wondering...

How can one man’s invention make regular people rich?

I should first emphasize that his invention has nothing to do with trading stocks or investing.

It’s a practical, useful technology that produces a real and valuable product.

And thanks to this technology, a lot of people have turned small sums of money into big paydays.

One 83-year-old in Kansas has seen every $15 to $20 “skyrocket into the thousands of dollars” according to a World News report.

Others in Texas have turned a “few hundred dollars” into “$10,000 and up” as reported in San Antonio.

Imagine for a second the implications of all of this...

Turning $15 into $1,700...

$100 into $10,000 or more...

Getting checks in the hundreds of thousands...

Or even becoming an “overnight millionaire”...

It’s happening all over the country. And it’s going to continue for years to come.

So what is this 94-year-old man’s invention? How has he done so much to help America? And how is it possible to become one of these “overnight millionaires?”

In this exclusive Oxford Special Broadcast, I’ll be joined by two experts who will help us answer these questions.

They’ll give us the history behind “the invention”... why it’s so important to American history... and why it has the potential to make a lot of people rich.

After that, they’ll share the details on a group that brought in $300 million thanks in large part to this situation.

Individuals involved in that group could expect to pull in $50,000 or more in 2014.

You’ll also see how an individual operation using this invention generates an average of $511,111 per year...

If you want to take advantage of something like that, you’ll find out how in a moment.

After that, we’ll talk about a more unusual, but conservative way people are making money from this.

That one has multiplied every $300 into $1,800 over the last five years.

There are a lot of ways to make money here.

So let’s get into it...

How This Man’s Invention Fueled America’s Unprecedented Energy Boom

To understand the importance of this invention, you have to first look at what it’s done for this country.

You’ve probably seen these headlines lately...

“U.S. surges past Saudis to become world’s top oil suppliers” – Reuters

“U.S. Is Overtaking Russia as Largest Oil-and-Gas Producer ”The Wall Street Journal

“U.S. rises to #1 energy producer” – AOL News

I can tell you that none of these headlines would have been possible without the invention we’re discussing today.

And right now, I’m going to bring in global energy and resources expert Sean Brodrick to explain.

Sean is the “Indiana Jones” of Oxford’s research team.

His boots-on-the-ground work has taken him north of the Arctic Circle and as far south as the southern tip of Argentina... Searching out the energy and resource stories shaping the globe.

You may also know him from his crisis preparation work, like his best-selling book The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide: The Smartest Money Moves to Prepare for Any Crisis.

Sean, thanks for being here.

Sean: No problem, Marc.

Marc: So Sean, what can you tell us about America’s oil boom? How big of a deal is it?

Sean: Oh, it’s huge, Marc.

Going all the way back to Richard Nixon, every single president has promised “energy independence” in America.

Every president said that we could break America’s addiction to “foreign oil.” That we would stop doing business with tyrants and despots that controlled the world’s energy supply.

But in 50 years, none came close.

Now that’s all finally changing.

America is suddenly in the midst of the second-biggest oil boom in history.

The International Energy Agency estimates U.S. oil and gas production will exceed 11 million barrels per day in 2014.

That’s more than Saudi Arabia... More than Russia... More than Venezuela, Brazil or any other country.

Texas alone is pumping out more oil than most OPEC countries.

In short, we’re #1.

We’re no longer beholden to our energy providers across the globe.

And that was unthinkable just a few short years ago.

Even better, the billions being generated by this oil boom are NOT simply going to a handful of already rich oil companies.

I’m seeing thousands upon thousands of regular Americans who are becoming millionaires overnight.

Some are pulling in checks of $20,000 to $100,000 or more every month simply by getting in on America’s oil boom.

And it’s going to continue happening at an even faster pace in the months ahead.

I’m talking about opportunities to turn every $150 into $3,500. Or every $1,500 into $35,000.

Some people will even pull in six-figure sums on just a few thousand dollars.

That’s the power of this oil boom.

Marc: So how did it happen? What changed?

Sean: Well, it has to do with the invention you’ve been talking about today. This is pretty shocking, but America’s entire resurgence on the world energy markets can be traced back to this one 94-year-old guy.

His story is heroic, decidedly American and ought to be taught in every schoolbook in the country.

His name is George P. Mitchell.

Back in the 1940s, Mitchell graduated first in his class at Texas A&M University with a petrochemical engineering and geology degree.

After four years in the Army Corps of Engineers during World War II, he struck out on his own with his brother as a pair of “wildcatters.”

He drilled thousands of wells during his career before encountering a problem...

Marc: What was the problem?

Sean: It had to do with how oil wells worked.

Up until that point, oil and gas were recovered in one way. Over thousands of years, they seeped out of layers of rock and sediment, eventually forming underground pools.

Once the pools were located, an oil well could be drilled and the Earth’s pressure would send volumes of the liquid gushing to the surface.

That’s how wells like Texas’ legendary Spindletop became famous.

But as time went on, drillers had an increasingly difficult time finding these pressurized pools. As world consumption grew, most of them were tapped out.

That’s when George Mitchell had a brilliant idea...

Go to the rock itself and skip the thousands of years it takes for the Earth to form the pools. He figured out how to drill into and then across long layers of gas-laden rock.

Eventually, his process, known as horizontal drilling, became common practice throughout the industry.

Mitchell became a billionaire, and America transformed into an energy behemoth.

Marc: Sean, that’s great for Mitchell. But how did regular people get rich off of his invention?

Sean: That’s the really interesting part. Not only have oil companies done very well, but lots of normal, average people have ended up becoming multimillionaires... Sometimes in just a few months.

And in the first half of 2014 it’s going to happen again to normal people all over the country.

In fact, I can all but guarantee that dozens of the people watching this broadcast right now will also become extremely wealthy thanks to this invention.

You see... Mitchell’s invention changed everything about the oil industry.

Suddenly the types of formations that could be tapped changed dramatically. They went from being small pools to vast oil and gas deposits spanning millions of acres of land.

Wells could suddenly be drilled in wide-ranging areas that wouldn’t have produced a drop before.

A New Type of Oil Well Is Born

Marc: Can you give us some examples of these new types of oil wells?

Sean: Oh absolutely. Most people have heard of the main ones. The Bakken Shale, Eagle Ford, the Marcellus Formation.

People made giant fortunes off of these finds.

The average Bakken well, for instance, generates $9 million in cash just in the first 30 months.

From there it will continue producing about $511,000 in cash every year... For 45 years.

Now that’s the Bakken Shale. It’s been around for a while.

But almost nobody’s talking about the new mega-formation that’s just being tapped. Early estimates indicate its recoverable reserves are equivalent of “eight Bakken Shales stacked one on top of another.”

But I’ll get more into that in a moment...

First, it’s important that I show you just how lucrative getting in on these situations early can be.

Take the Bakken Shale for instance. The humongous formation in North Dakota and Montana spans 200,000 square miles.

By 2010, the Bakken was producing 458,000 barrels per day. Total reserves are still topping out at between 4.3 and 7.4 billion barrels according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

At today’s prices, that’s about $732 billion worth of oil.

Now certainly some oil companies made a fortune off of this. But what’s really interesting... And more valuable to our viewers today... Is that regular people figured out a way to get rich off of this, too.

Marc: Can you give us some examples?

Sean: Absolutely. I was just looking at one situation that was pretty funny. There’s this bachelor out in North Dakota. He’s living right on top of the Bakken Shale.

Now this guy’s sitting there in his double-wide trailer, with a deer trophy overhead and a gun safe in the living room. All he cares about is making a few bucks selling barley raised on his land for beer.

But pretty soon he starts noticing a bunch of activity. Oil companies are out surveying the land. Geologists are taking core samples.

This guy may live in a double-wide, but he’s no fool. He knows a lot of money is about to be made.

So he figures out a way to get in on it early.

Pretty soon, he’s getting checks for obscene amounts of cash. The local news station came out and asked him if he was now a millionaire...

“I guess so,” he answered. “It’s not something we talk about.”

Marc: Ha, I bet they don’t!

Sean: These people are very private. They know they’ve stumbled into something great and they don’t want outsiders figuring out how to get in on it.

But people throughout the area are flush with cash in a way that almost nobody else in America can understand.

There’s a guy in North Dakota, Lawrence, planning to make as much as $1 million per year.

According to him, “It’s like winning the lottery!”

The Bakken Shale is literally saving the lives of some of these people.

One woman Judy got $160,000 right off the bat. She used it to enter a breast cancer treatment program.

We haven’t seen anything like this in America, where normal everyday people are getting rich so quickly, maybe in the entire history of our country.

Marc: And this isn’t the only situation like this, Sean.

In fact, your partner Dave Fessler I believe lives in Pennsylvania near the Marcellus Formation. It’s another one of these massive oil and gas fields.

I want to bring him in on this so he can tell us what’s happening.

Dave is a really sharp guy. He’s the Energy and Infrastructure Strategist at The Oxford Club. He’s the editor of the highly successful Peak Energy Strategist.

He also now runs his own international import business in Pennsylvania.

Hello, Dave...

Millionaires Getting Minted in Pennsylvania

Dave: Hey Marc, good to be here.

Marc: We’ve been talking about the Bakken Shale in North Dakota and how many regular people got rich off of that find. But I understand the same situation is happening up there in Pennsylvania.

Dave: Yeah, no question. My home here sits right on the edge of the Marcellus.

As you know, this thing is huge, Marc. It runs from the Finger Lakes region of New York, across the state of Pennsylvania, through West Virginia and Ohio and all the way down to Kentucky and Tennessee.

This formation has been around for millions of years and holds some 1.9 trillion cubic feet of gas.

According to the Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Association, even if only 10% of this was recovered, it would be worth $1 trillion.

But virtually none of it was recoverable until George P. Mitchell’s horizontal drilling invention.

Now I’m seeing people get rich on an unprecedented level.

There was this guy Charles. Good guy. A hard-working mechanic. When he got in early on the Marcellus Shale, his first check was $900,000.


Another guy Joe, who sells welding equipment up here. He’s now bringing in $50,000 every month.

It’s happening across the country.

In fact, as we’re about to get into... It can even happen to people who live hundreds or even thousands of miles away from one of these finds.

The only real requirement is finding out about it early.

Look at the Barnett Shale in Texas... Or better yet, the Eagle Ford.

Eagle has 226 rigs drilling right now.

The actual producing area of Eagle Ford is 50 miles wide and an average of 250 feet thick. In the first six months of 2013, the formation produced 2.69 billion cubic feet of gas and 599,000 barrels of oil... per day!

The people in Texas who got in at the beginning are getting very rich just like everywhere else.

Residents of Karnes County are especially lucky.

Here’s a report I just read from John Braudaway, an old-time Texas oilman who’s been wildcatting since 1962:

“This place went from desolate to booming. There are quite a few millionaires now in Karnes County. They are being made every day. As soon as they flare a well, you can become a millionaire, and some of them have become millionaires just off the oil and gas lease bonus.”

Deposits in the Karnes Country bank have doubled in three years. The county’s tax base has increased from $562 million to $3.1 billion.

It’s crazy what’s going on there.

But like I said, there’s absolutely no reason people outside of Texas can’t do just as well.

And it’s happening in Kansas too...

People are calling the Mississippi Lime Formation up there a “gold-rush-style-oil boom.”

You’ve got all these people who for years barely got by working the fields. Now they’re pulling in millions every year.

One farmer got $2 million upfront and is now receiving regular $20,000 checks on his wells.

It’s minting more “overnight millionaires” than anything I’ve ever seen.

And Sean and I have found several ways for regular people to make a ton of money here.

Marc: So Dave, let me stop you right there and get back to Sean for a second. Sean, obviously we’re looking at something huge here.

Without question, this new technology we’ve been discussing, this horizontal drilling, is creating a whole lot of wealth in America.

But Dave brings up an important question...

How can this help our viewers today? It’s great to hear stories about regular people hitting it big. But how does that help people who don’t live anywhere near these drilling areas?

Sean: Marc, that’s a great question. It gets me to the main reason Dave and I wanted to do this broadcast with you today. We’re sharing these stories because we want to emphasize just how much money people are making who get in on these finds.

Imagine receiving $1 million up front... And then continuous $50,000 checks monthly for decades.

It’s unheard of.

In most cases, these people just got lucky. They happened to live near the discoveries.

But even if you live thousands of miles away, it’s actually very easy to get paid handsomely on any discovery.

And the facts are very clear... Get in early on one of these finds... And you are going to make a ton of money.

Which brings me to some very exciting news that Dave and I have been investigating...

It’s Happening Again...

There’s a new formation.

Dave and I are calling it the Colossus Shale for now.

I should emphasize, that’s not its real name. We were very lucky to uncover this during the early stages and we don’t want the true location leaking out before we help our readers, viewers and subscribers profit.

All reports indicate it is not only bigger than the Bakken Shale... Eagle Ford... and the Marcellus Formation.

It’s in fact bigger than all three of them... Combined.

The Colossus Shale runs about 140 miles north to south and 70 miles wide.

That’s four times the size of Delaware.

Geologists right now are estimating it contains at least 30 billion barrels of recoverable oil.

By comparison, Eagle Ford holds between 7 billion and 10 billion. And the Bakken Shale between 4 billion and 7 billion.

I’ve tracked down insights from some of the people with the best information on this discovery.

Let me just share with you what they’re saying...

OK, a director at one of the energy companies exploring the area said, “It’s enormous, enormous! That’s more than some OPEC countries!”

The CEO of one exploration and production company compared it to eight Bakkens stacked on top of one another.

Dr. M. Ray Perryman, head of a firm that determines the economic viability of oil and gas wells, confirmed the indication of “30 billion barrels of recoverable oil, which is substantially larger than any other large plays.”

Chris Faulkner, the CEO of another oil and gas company getting the first hint of this, was very excited. “The economics work all day long,” he said.

But Marc, here’s why this is really exciting. It’s one of the biggest reasons Dave and I are so fired up about this.

Virtually nobody outside of the highest levels of oil and gas company management knows what’s going on here yet.

The exploration is done, but the drilling is just getting started.

One source, an analyst in Houston who’s been quietly looking at the situation, says that “operators are doing their best to keep the result confidential.”

He says it’s a matter of time before more information is released.

Look, we’ve seen it every time a discovery like this is made. A lot of people are about to make record amounts of money in a very short period.

Marc: Sean, the potential here is staggering.

Thirty billion barrels is more oil than Brazil and Qatar... Or even China.

At today’s prices, that would be worth approximately $3 trillion.

$3 trillion.

But let me ask you...

If you’re not a Texas oilman... And you don’t live on top of one of these formations... How can you make the truly big money on this Colossus Formation?

Bring in $127,777 Per Year in the Colossus Shale

Sean: Well, it’s actually much easier than you might think.

All the stories we’ve been talking about today...

All these regular people who got huge checks for hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars... And then continued receiving monthly checks for years and years...

All these folks did was get a royalty stake in a well or series of wells in one of the major oil and gas formations.

Now that may sound expensive, but it’s actually not. It’s often not much different than buying a few hundred shares in your average stock.

But it’s certainly got a whole lot more profit potential.

To give you some idea how profitable that can be, let’s just consider the Bakken Shale for a minute.

Now remember, the Bakken is about eight times smaller than the Colossus Shale.

And yet in the Bakken, the average well... The average, mind you, not the top performers... generates 665,000 barrels of oil over the life of the well.

In the first 30 months, they generate about $9 million. And they continue producing for approximately 45 years.

It’s important to note, the companies operating there are pocketing over 50% profit margins when oil is at $100 a barrel.

They are cash cows.

Plain and simple.

And the Colossus is going to be even better for multiple reasons.

For one, there are fewer wells. There is great potential for real gushers.

Secondly, it’s far more jam-packed with gas and oil. The formation is loaded.

Marc: But isn’t it risky to invest in a well directly? What if that one happens to be a dud?

Sean: One hundred percent correct, Marc.

You can never be absolutely sure an oil well is going to pay off.

I’ve found the best way to profit is to get a royalty stake in multiple wells, which I can show you how to do. If you get a small percentage, say 1% in 25 wells, you’re chances of doing very well become extremely high.

Consider... A tiny 1% stake in 25 Bakken wells – based on average production – would pay you approximately $127,778 per year... For 45 years.

Of course, most regular people out there have no clue how this stuff works.

But that’s why I’ve done the legwork myself.

I’ve found a few operations in the Colossus Shale area that can help you take small positions that have the potential to pay off very big...

Marc: Before you get in to that, let me get to the two questions that I’m sure our viewers are wondering.

How much does this cost?

And what guarantee do they have that they’ll make money?

Sean: As far as the cost, Marc, like most investments, it depends on how much the investor wants to put in.

Whether it’s $1,000... $10,000... $100,000...

And how much you make depends on that too.

Just look at the Bakken...

Even at $75 oil, the average well there sees a 100% return in 30 months.

At $100 oil, where we’re at now, it would only take about 24 months.

These operations have a great track record of handing investors back their entire investment very quickly... And then continuing to pay fat monthly checks for the next 45 years.

So whatever amount you put in... With a formation like this, the payoff should come very quickly.

And as far as guarantees...

Of course, there are no guarantees in life.

But I’ve traveled across the globe analyzing these types of situations very closely.

In doing so, I’ve created a set of rules that make it nearly impossible to miss out on the big money.

Marc: So what are the rules?

Sean: First, the companies operating the well in which you have an ownership stake MUST have a successful production track record.

I’m talking about a verifiable history of bringing productive and profitable wells online.

Second, they must drill in an area with proven reserves. One of the best ways to ensure a profitable well is by drilling in between two already producing wells.

Personally, I like to go to the operations myself. Meet with the geologists. Talk to company management.

For example, the CEO of one company exploring the Colossus says the pressure and thermal activity are two factors that should generate really strong performance.

Plus, he says the light, sweet crude there rivals even the best stuff at Eagle Ford.

Finding out this information firsthand gives me a better idea of if it’s going to be profitable.

Third, make sure the infrastructure is fully in place.

That’s one of the things I love about Colossus. All the infrastructure is already built. These wells will start paying off immediately.

Fourth, the companies need a proven track record of rewarding investors first.

We already know the wells at the Colossus are very, very profitable. I like to work with operators who I know will pass the bulk of those profits on to investors.

Marc: OK, all of this makes sense. But how can our viewers get in on one of these situations?

Sean: I’ve put together a guide showing people what to do to get in on these opportunities. It’ll tell them what to look for... How to make sure they end up bringing in the most money...

I’ve also been in talks with operators who meet the criteria I just laid out.

They have great production track records. They’re drilling in areas with proven reserves. All the infrastructure is already in place. And they’ve proven to reward investors handily.

All you have to do is get a working interest in a series of these wells and then collect the royalty checks.

My report will give you all the details – plus information on how to locate the best opportunities – to make this very easy.

Marc: OK now, before we discuss how you can get Sean’s guide, I want to get back to Dave for a minute. Certainly, getting involved in direct investments in the Colossus has the potential for the biggest payday.

But there’s probably a lot of people out there who would prefer to simply get in on the stock of one of the companies that’s going to really see revenues increase due to this find.

In preparation for this broadcast, you told me that a single company owns the bulk of the Colossus.

Can you tell us about that?

The Biggest Landowner in the Colossus

Dave: Sure thing, Marc.

When looking at the Colossus, and remember that’s just what we’re calling it for now, there’s one way to play it that is simply light-years ahead of the others.

First of all, this company is already making money.

Lots of it.

It owns 3.5 million acres of oil-producing land, including 520,000 acres in the Colossus. It has 800 million barrels of proven reserves. And it has pinpointed 34 thousand locations ready to be tapped as well.

I mean, these guys are set up perhaps better than any oil company since Standard Oil.

In the third quarter alone last year, it brought in $300 million... about double what it brought in the year before.

In its latest report, the company’s CEO called the Colossus and its surrounding region the “main driver of this higher production.”

The results it’s getting are so big that the company has begun driving all its profits from operations in the Gulf of Mexico, Egypt and Canada into its work in the Colossus, where it’s seeing record levels of production.

And yet it’s only scratching the surface here...

In the Colossus, it only had 12 wells drilled. Yet it has 2,300 locations ready to go.

We’re talking big-time growth here.

And without question, company insiders see the writing on the wall. Just in the past few months, I’ve seen company executives pick up hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars in shares.

In the meantime, the company just bought back 8 million shares and is likely to continue aggressively in the months to come.

Marc, I’ve put together a full report on this situation for our viewers today. It contains details on this company’s operations throughout the area we’re calling the Colossus. It examines the company financials, expansion plans and more.

I can’t stress enough. These next few months are going to be key to making money on this thing.

Marc: So Dave, how can people receive your report on this company right now?

The Colossus Shale Start-Up Kit

Dave: Sean and I have worked together to create a program for people who want to start profiting from this situation.

It’s called The Colossus Shale Start-Up Kit.

Our research team is preparing to send these kits to your viewers in the next 15 minutes.

It’ll include all of Sean’s details on how to directly profit from this discovery... As well as my report on the company that stands to make the most money.

You’ll also get the official name, location and details of the find.

Marc: OK folks, I’ll explain how to get those reports sent directly to you in the next few minutes.

But first Dave, is there anything else that comes along with this kit? Are there any other ways to make some money on this thing?

The Conservative Way to Turn Every $300 into $1,800...

Dave: There’s one other way that I haven’t mentioned just yet.

This one is perhaps the most conservative, but it could turn every $300 into $1,800 or so, based on the historical numbers.

This play is one that actually benefits from every major energy operation going across the U.S.

It’s a reservoir optimization company.

Essentially, this company has taken George Mitchell’s technology and optimized the production process.

It has created a technology that maximizes the pressure, temperature, location, depth... Essentially every element of the drilling process... And helps companies pull out the maximum amount of gas and oil.

Its process increases the production of the average well by 10% to 15%... which can mean between 66,000 and 100,000 extra barrels of oil over the lifespan of a well.

So you can see why all these companies that are operating in the Bakken... in the Eagle Ford... in the Marcellus...

Many are paying this company a hefty sum to use its technology.

As a result, investors in this company have been making a killing.

Since 2009, every $300 has paid out $1,800.

And there’s every reason to think that kind of outperformance will continue with the massive Colossus Shale coming on line.

I see this stock really breaking away in the next six months.

It’s going to be a huge winner.

And I’ve done a full write-up included as well in our Colossus Shale Start-Up Kit.

Marc: So, in total, you’ll get details on finding direct investment plays that could end up paying out $127,000... The company with the largest position in the Colossus... And now the optimization company that could turn every $300 into $1,800?

Dave: That’s right.

Marc: So guys, I have a question for you...

Why should people do this now? The stock market’s been doing great. Why not just stick with regular stocks?

The Best Way to Make Money in 2014

Dave: Well, when you look at the U.S. economy... What do you see to justify the big stock runs of the past year? Do you see improved employment figures? Better-educated workers? Higher incomes?

No, all you’ve really seen is another glut of easy money pouring into the system.

That can only sustain growth for a short time.

The only real and lasting economic change I’m seeing is America’s energy boom.

It’s the reason unemployment is almost non-existent in places like North Dakota and Texas. And why wages have been shooting up in those areas.

These oil and gas discoveries are the one area of economic activity that’s generating real wealth.

And even if stocks finally hit a pullback, these investments aren’t going to feel it.

People just aren’t going to sell stocks or oil wells that are seeing revenues double in a single year.

It’s both conservative and extremely profitable.

It’s a real chance to turn $500, maybe $1,000...

Into $10K... $50K... $250K...

Even into the realm of the millions.

It’s one of the things I love about this situation.

You don’t have to put down enormous sums to do very well.

Marc: Now, your Colossus Shale Start-Up Kit is designed so anyone can use it.

And we’re going to send these out to folks today.

From what you’re saying it doesn’t sound like this discovery is going to remain quiet for very long.

The experts make it sound like the big money will only be available for a few more months.

The Colossus Shale Start-Up Kits Will Be Going Out in 15 Minutes...

Sean: That’s right. This is very time-sensitive.

So our team of analysts and researchers will be sending out the kits electronically starting in the next 15 minutes or so.

Dave and I agreed that it would be best to do it encrypted electronically.

We didn’t want this information getting stolen or lost in the mail. It’s only meant for the people who viewed this presentation today.

So once our viewers let us know they’d like to receive it... they’ll get all the details on the Colossus Shale. Its name, location, profit potential and the action needed to be one of the big money winners on this.

It’s all very simple.

Anyone can use it.

We were really looking to streamline the experience here.

Marc: Yeah, when I took a look I was very impressed at how easy it was to follow.

That’s one of the things I really liked about this. You’re taking something once reserved for only a small group of “lucky” people, and you’re making it available to pretty much anyone.

Sean: I should also point out, Marc. There’s something very important that comes with The Colossus Shale Start-Up Kit.

Dave and I have been planning a new project here for the past six months.

You see... This oil boom in America is an unprecedented situation.

It’s the one part of our economy that is positively thriving.

And while the Colossus Shale is going to make people a ton of money... It’s just one of many opportunities going on in America right now.

Dave and I have been doing extremely well because of this situation.

Dave, for instance, has recommended 21 companies benefiting from America’s energy boom. Seventeen of them are making money. And the four plays that aren’t are down just 2%, 2%, 3% and 5%.

In other words, he knows what he’s doing.

For example, back in March, Dave recommended a natural gas company set to be the first to export it from the U.S... A very big development in the energy future of our country.

Since then, the company has quadrupled the performance of the S&P.

These are the sorts of situations we aim to capitalize on in our brand-new publication, Oxford Resource Explorer.

Marc: So what is Oxford Resource Explorer’s role in everything we’ve discussed today?

Sean: It’s essential, Marc.

You’ve got to understand; virtually nobody out there has the connections, resources or insider knowledge to really understand what’s happening in the energy business.

They see the news. But they don’t have any idea how to capitalize on it.

With Oxford Resource Explorer, Dave and I will be using our significant resources and contacts to clue our readers in on the companies that just got killer results on a new well... That are doubling, sometimes tripling profits... That are building and operating new export facilities.

I can tell you... Both of us have been doing this for a long time. And we’ve been very successful at it.

That’s why we wanted to combine forces and create a product that’s unlike anything in our industry.

Oxford Resource Explorer takes people behind the scenes, so they can tap into perhaps the greatest wealth explosion in this country since the 1950s.

Oil and gas are the ultimate business.

Every single country needs and demands energy.

And, as average folks, if you know how to get a royalty position in all this energy, you can make huge amounts of money in very small periods of time.

Marc: And I’ve looked at your track record, Sean. I’m seeing plenty of examples where you’ve helped people do that in the past.

For example, I noticed you recommended a company that provides cement for the wells and pipelines used in oil drilling.

After you told readers about some exciting news, it shot up 81.5% in about 3 months.

Then, there was the tech company you recommended just before it leapt 75% in, what, 19 days?

You seem to have a knack for getting in just at the right moment.

Sean: If you have access to the right people and the production numbers, you can get a pretty good idea when the jumps are going to occur.

There Are Dozens of Oil and Gas Plays Pulling in Billions Right Now...

Look at Cheniere Energy.

It’s the premier company taking advantage of all the natural gas getting pulled out of these formations.

Nobody knew the name of this company three or four years ago. At the time, it was trading for only $3.

Now it’s at $42.

And the smart money on that one turned every $3,000 into $42,000.

Or every $30,000 into $420,000.

Marc: So that was a more direct play on the natural gas side of things. Dave, while I still have you here... What other ways do you guys plan to help readers profit from this? What are you looking to do with Oxford Resource Explorer?

Dave: Well, Marc, one thing we’ve seen that is very profitable is getting in on the pipeline companies.

Look at CrossTex Energy.

It’s a master limited partnership. So its income is not taxed. And it’s paid out directly to investors.

As a result, the stock has just been a moonshot over the past three years or so.

Consider, in 2010, you could get 1,000 shares for $6,000. Now those shares would be worth $35,000.

That’s an increase of 483%.

And during the same period, it’s one cent short of doubling its payout to investors.

I love companies like this.

Yet, just as Sean was mentioning, it’s the type of company virtually nobody in America knows about.

My goal with Oxford Resource Explorer is to hunt for these opportunities... Just like the Colossus Shale we talked about today... And then get our readers up-to-date before the jumps happen.

Marc: Now, Sean, let’s say I’m one of the viewers.

Everything you and Dave are talking about with the Colossus Shale sounds great.

Certainly, I think the Start-Up Kit is going to be a big winner for people who follow the recommended steps.

So let’s say, as a reader, I decide I want this package today...

But I’m not sure yet what to expect from Oxford Resource Explorer. How exactly will all this work?

Sean: With Oxford Resource Explorer, or ORE as Dave and I like to call it... You’ll get a monthly publication.

It will reveal breakthrough discoveries.

New technologies changing the energy industry.

Income plays that could hand you monthly checks for 20 years.

We’ll have a simple portfolio that subscribers can follow week to week.

In short, Dave and I will report on all the developing ways to make money thanks to the resource boom in America.

Now, these are all straight stock plays.

Dave and I are conservative guys by nature. We like to find opportunities that are going to go up a lot in value.

But only if they have extremely limited downside risk.

We don’t recommend risky options or leveraged moves.

What we’ve found in these plays has so much potential already that there’s no need.

We’ll reveal our biggest investment opportunities each month.

And it’s not just oil and energy either.

Dave and I have both done a lot of work in the energy sector, but while he focuses there full time, I also love following hard assets like gold, silver, uranium, platinum and more.

We’ve just set up our launch portfolio for ORE.

It contains all the best ways to make money in energy and resources right now.

Marc: So what do you see making money in 2014?

The ORE  Launch Portfolio

Sean: The first thing you’ll get as a new subscriber is The Colossus Shale Start-Up Kit.

But the next step is almost equally important.

Dave and I have been putting together our ORE launch portfolio, which gives you the six positions we expect to vastly outperform the market this year.

In my experience, these picks are going to at least triple the S&P.

It starts with my... Then there’s... And finally... I’ve just written up my full analysis on these.

And Dave has three big ones as well. I’ll let him tell you about those.

Dave: Sure thing, Sean.

In my Peak Energy Strategist service, we’ve found these types of picks are continually outperforming the broad markets.

I have three I think will do very well.

The first is a smaller company that also operates in the Colossus Shale. It’s snatching up thousands of acres and increasing production very quickly.

The share price is soaring and gives investors real double or triple potential in 2014.

The second is a company that has enough proven reserves to rank as a mid-level country, let alone a single company. It operates in the Bakken, Eagle Ford and now the Colossus. And it’s been growing on average at a 38% clip for six years running. This will be a big winner through at least 2017.

And finally, I’ve found a great master limited partnership with a big fat dividend. It’s a great profit producer and should continue paying out huge tax-free sums to investors.

Marc: So guys, we’ve been going for a while here. Let’s wrap everything up and let the viewers know exactly how all this will work.

The Best Way to Capture Big Gains...
With Very Limited Downside Risk

Sean: With ORE, every recommendation will come with a concise, easy to follow, yet detailed look into the company.

We’ll examine the financials of the company.

Its earnings growth, profit margins, income potential and technical indicators.

We’ll discuss new discoveries.

Game-changing technologies.

New contracts.

We’ll watch what the insiders are doing.

And perhaps most importantly, we’ll monitor when institutional money starts flowing in... A big indicator of the moment the stock will jump.

You’ll see exactly why we’re making a recommendation.

And a big key for me is keeping all our readers very up-to-date on every position.

If we see a good moment to add to our positions and maximize our profits, we’ll do it.

If we think it’s time to close out our profits, we’ll let you know on that too.

Every week, we’ll send you updates tracking our performance and how much we’re making.

Dave and I also like to meet with company executives, attend conference calls and find out what’s happening on the inside.

I often like to go to the actual site and investigate the operation in person.

This is essential stuff to making money in this business. And we’ll make sure it’s all done for you. So all you have to do is follow the steps and you’ll have your shot at making the money.

How to Begin Profiting in the Next 15 Minutes

Marc: OK, we’ve gone through a lot today. And in my experience creating broadcasts like this, our viewers are probably ready to take action.

With everything we’ve seen regarding the oil boom in America...

And especially the Colossus Shale...

There’s no doubt that fortunes are about to be made.

I think that, Sean and Dave, your ORE service is undoubtedly the best way I’ve seen to take advantage of this.

I want to thank you both for being here.

Dave: It was a pleasure, Marc.

Sean: Yes, thanks for having us, Marc.

Marc: OK, Sean and Dave’s research team is now ready to send out their Colossus Shale Start-Up Kit to the viewers who want to get in on this now.

Throughout the oil boom, discoveries like these have proven to create obscene amounts of wealth.

Hundred of dollars turned into thousands...

Thousands turned into hundreds of thousands...

There are examples upon examples of regular people becoming millionaires.

Everything you need to know is in the Start-Up Kit.

But you’ll also receive the report on the six picks Sean and Dave just laid out.

Now, normally reports like these are valued at $299 each. The two of them would run you nearly $600 elsewhere in the financial research industry.

And that’s not including the annual subscription to ORE that comes with it.

The list price of ORE is $159 as well.

In total then, this package Sean and Dave have put together contains approximately $750 in total value.

Consider, just $3,000 in a pick like Cheniere would have turned into $42,000.

That’s the kind of potential we’ve seen in America’s energy boom.

But it is very time-sensitive.

So here’s what we’ve set up...

If You Are One of the Charter Members of ORE...

Because of the profitable nature of this situation...

And since there’s very little time before it should start paying off...

We’re offering an instant $110 discount off the retail price of ORE.

As a charter member, you’ll get it for just $49.

At the $49 price...

You’ll still get the Start-Up Kit, the launch portfolio special report, and a full year of profitable opportunities, updates and special guidance through ORE.

But I have to tell you, I can only guarantee this discount to the initial charter members.

After that, I can’t make any promises.

Dave and Sean authorized it because they don’t want people coming in weeks after they started and trying to play catch-up.

The time to capitalize on this opportunity is now.

These situations are not going to remain available for long.

Once other people find out about this, the prices will go up.

And the money to be made will diminish very quickly.

The sky is the limit with this situation...

At least for those who move fast.

But don’t take my word for it...

Let Me Make This Very Easy for You...

With this package, we’ve been authorized by our publishers to offer a full
90-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Go ahead and receive all of Sean and Dave’s reports today.

Look them over.

See if they really offer the potential we’ve talked about in this broadcast today.

Then, if during the full three months you don’t see the opportunities paying off... Just let our member services team know, and we will instantly return all of your membership dues.

It’s that simple.

Better yet... We’ll let you keep the Start-Up Kit, the launch portfolio report and every bit of intelligence you receive during that time...

Regardless of whatever you decide.

It’s our gift to you. Just for trying us out.

However, I should emphasize.

This offer is only for charter members that sign up right now.

Dave and Sean tell me they haven’t seen an opportunity this big in their entire careers in the business.

That’s why they agreed to such a tremendous deal for our viewers.

But we’re also limiting the number of people that can get it on these terms.

To review everything and then receive your kit and reports now, just click here or on the button below.

Or call 1.866.405.2353 or 1.443.353.4512 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Eastern Time) and mention priority code EOREQ103.

I want to thank you for joining us in this first of its kind Oxford Special Broadcast event.

I’m Marc Lichtenfeld.