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The Most Profitable
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Over the Last 78 Years, This “Snubbed Strategy”
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“I am also puzzled by why [this type of] investing hasn't caught on. Even if you show them the results, they still don’t believe you.”

– The World’s Most Famous Investor

Dear Oxford Club Member,

Hello, this is Julia Guth, Executive Director of The Oxford Club.

I’m very excited to announce a brand new Club investing program, the first to be developed by Investment Director Alexander Green.

It’s based around what Alex calls “the single greatest investment strategy ever devised.”

Very simply, this strategy lets you buy stocks in great companies for considerably less than what they’re worth...

Some of them you can get for 16% less... Others for 50% less... And a few for as much as 76% less than what they’re worth.

Imagine for a second the implications of that.

You could pick up thousands of shares knowing you’d likely generate the best profits in all markets, while maintaining the highest margin of safety possible.

In fact, we believe using this strategy in just a small percentage of your holdings could generate upwards of $100,000 for you within the next year.

After all, this strategy has proven to be just about the most successful investing technique in the history of the stock market.

An article in Kiplinger’s magazine for instance, cites evidence that this technique has outperformed the market for the last 81 years.

Royce Funds Research concluded that it’s beaten regular growth stocks more than 3-to-1 since 1978.

And a 78-year study by the prestigious research firm, Ibbotson Associates, found a mere $100 worth of stocks purchased using this strategy would have turned into $4,514,400 today.

That’s a 45,143-fold return on the initial investment.

It’s no wonder a long-term study published in the highly respected Journal of Business and Financial Affairs concluded that stocks purchased using this strategy...

“Outperform when the markets go down and when they go up, in good and bad times and when news is good and when it is bad. And they do all this without having higher risk.”

That’s why the world’s richest money managers – Warren Buffett, John Templeton, Peter Lynch, etc. – all swear by this strategy.

Buffett credits much of his $45 billion fortune to buying stocks in this manner. It’s helped him beat the market a mind-boggling 60-to-1 since 1965.

But his favorite part? “It’s less risky,” he says.

Still, he seems genuinely dumbfounded when confronted with the fact that regular investors almost universally ignore or even ridicule this strategy:

“I am also puzzled by why [this technique] hasn’t caught on,” Buffett says. “People just don’t want to believe. They elect things that are emotionally satisfying. Even if you show them the results, they still don’t believe you.”

John Templeton said the reason this investment system works is precisely because other investors ignore it. “It is impossible to produce a superior performance unless you do something different from the majority,” he says.

And he would know. He once used this approach to quadruple his personal portfolio in just four years.

Today, we want to give you the chance to finally tap into the most profitable investment strategy in the history of the stock market.

For the first time in his 15 years at The Oxford Club, Investment Director Alexander Green has created a service based solely around this overlooked investment strategy.

But here’s what makes this even more interesting and groundbreaking...

Alex has found a way to take this system and do something with it that none of these investment legends ever could. Warren Buffett, himself, has even stated that he wished he could do something similar to what Alex is doing now.

From looking over the details with Alex, I have to admit I’ve rarely seen an opportunity as big as this.

And today, I want you to join us in taking this system live.

In a moment, I’ll show you a way to generate an unthinkable amount of wealth using this strategy... A way to even make as much as $100,000 this year alone, double it over the following few years, and then continue to multiply your returns dozens of times over.

Even better, you won’t have to pay a dime to access Alex’s new service, as I’ll explain momentarily.

Bottom line: This is one of the most exciting developments in years here at The Oxford Club.

So let’s not waste any time. Let me get right into the details...

“The Greatest Investment Strategy Ever Devised”

When Alex says this is “the greatest investment strategy ever devised,” he does not make that claim lightly.

After all, there are lots of investment strategies he considers absolutely essential for every investor...

A properly designed asset allocation model is a very effective way to reduce risk.

Dollar-cost-averaging is a great strategy to make sure you buy lots of stock when prices are cheap... And few shares when stocks are expensive.

Re-investing dividends is the perfect tool for compounding your returns over time.

And trailing stops are an easy step you can use to protect your profits.

These are all great strategies.

At The Oxford Club, we recommend you employ every one of them.

However, none of them remotely approach the power of what I’m about to share with you.

Here’s why...
  1. Superior Results – Over one period lasting 78 years, just $100 invested once would have handed you a total return of $4,514,400. Divided over those 78 years, that’s a profit of $57,876 per year. And remember, that’s on a single $100 investment in year one. That’s simply astonishing.
  2. Highest Safety – Many of the world’s best investors love this technique for its safety. For instance, when Warren Buffett applies this technique, along with his other 12 tenets, he claims it results in the minimization, if not the virtual elimination, of risk.
Without question, this strategy gives you the best of both worlds. It’s perhaps the most conservative approach available, but it offers returns far in excess of any other investing style.

In the weeks ahead, Alexander Green will show you how you can begin bringing in consistent sums of money using this strategy.

The goal of his service is to show you how to grab stock in great companies for less than 84%... 50%... Or even 24% of what they’re worth. I believe this is the easiest way to generate as much as $100,000 in the year ahead.

Best of all, we’d like to give you free access when he launches it in the coming weeks. And not for a short trial either. You’ll continue to receive each opportunity for as long as you like.

I’ll get into how that will work in a moment, but first you probably want a few more details on this technique.

So let me show you...

How “The Best Investment Strategy in the
History of the Stock Market” Works...

The best way to show you how this works is with an example:

Let’s look at a normal stock like Tesoro Corporation.

Tesoro is a Fortune 150 oil refining company. It operates seven oil refineries in six Western states with a capacity of approximately 675,000 barrels of oil a day. If you spend any time out West, you’ve likely seen a few of its 1,375 branded Tesoro gas stations.

Over the last three years, revenue is up 60%. And operating income is up over 1,000%. Ok, so it’s a financially strong company with a good product.

But here’s what you probably didn’t know...

A year ago, in May of 2012, something very unusual was going on with Tesoro.

It had to do with the real value of the company and the price of the stock.

You see... on that day in May, the audited value of Tesoro’s hard assets (Its cash, properties, oil and gas reserves, etc.) was worth $3.7 billion.

BUT – and this is important – the total value of all outstanding stock was just $3.1 billion, a full 15% less.

In other words, at that time, if Tesoro liquidated its assets and simply handed the proceeds to investors, it would automatically hand shareholders a 15% profit.

This is what Alex refers to as a stock selling “below cost.”

It means the stock can be purchased for less than the value of the underlying assets held by the company.

When you buy a stock below cost, you already know beyond a reasonable doubt that the shares you’re buying are worth more than you paid for them.

Think of it this way...

Imagine your friend has a mint-condition vintage 1960 Porsche 911 for sale. He wants to get rid of it because it’s taking up garage space and he never drives it.

So he offers it to you for $20,000.

But as a car aficionado, you know a 1960s Porsche 911 regularly sells for $34,000 on Auto Trader.

Would you buy the Porsche from him?

Of course... You know from doing your homework that the true value of the Porsche is much higher. It’s essentially a below-cost purchase for you because you can turn right around and sell it for much more.

You know the true value is higher than the price.

The same situation was happening with Tesoro a year ago.

The stock was selling significantly cheaper than the actual value of the company’s assets. Plus, Tesoro was making plenty of money at the time and was selling at just a few times earnings.

So what happened to the stock?

Over the following year, the stock went from $21.52 to $51.46 – a gain of 139%.

And that’s why Alex considers this technique “the greatest investment strategy ever devised.

By purchasing stocks below cost – where you own shares that are actually worth less than the hard assets the company holds – you give yourself huge upside potential with very little downside risk.

As long as you do your homework and find a profitable company in strong financial shape (which of course Alex does) the stock is unlikely to go any lower. All the pressure is on the stock to snap back to its real value.

And that’s exactly what happened with Tesoro.

The stock was wildly undervalued. The company was profitable and in good shape. And naturally, within a year, the stock jumped back up to its true value – more than 130% higher.

The amazing thing is this situation is not extremely rare.

At any given time, there are a handful of financially strong stocks trading below cost. And pinpointing them can give you lightning quick and very safe returns in the market.

For example, on the same day that Tesoro was trading below cost, Nomura Holdings Inc. was in the same situation.

On May 14, 2012, Nomura’s assets were worth $24.2 billion. But the value of outstanding shares was just half that at $12.6 billion.

A year later, Nomura shares were up 134%.

Sprint Nextel was trading below cost on May 14 as well. It’s now 151% higher.

So were First Solar, Hellenic Communications, and Redwood Trust, Inc.

Those three are up 144%, 202% and 102% in the past year.

The point is... On any given day, if you look for the very few financially strong companies trading below cost, you can absolutely crush the market.

Of course, that’s exactly what Alex will do with his new service. He’ll let you know the moment certain stocks are in perfect position to leap back up to their full value.

As I’m about to show you, this could easily generate an extra $100,000 in the next year even from just a few small holdings.

And I should remind you that today we’re giving you the chance to get free access to Alex’s service. I’ll give you full details in a moment, but first...

Let me give you another example of how much money this could make you...

505% Gain in One Year

Imagine you made a New Year’s Resolution to buy stocks trading below cost starting on January 1, 2012.

On that day, there were a few stocks in this position.

For example, Security National Financial Corp. was selling at a ridiculous 24% of the value of company assets. In other words, it would have had to jump more than four-fold just to get back to the cash value of assets held.

So let’s say you decided to test the waters with a $5,000 investment.

Guess what happened next...

The stock, just as you could have predicted, jumped more than four times in price over the year.

By January of 2013, your $5,000 investment would have been worth $30,250 – a gain of 505%.

But that’s not all...

Let’s say you had decided to try out two more stocks trading below cost on that day.

For instance, CDC Software Corp. was trading at just 53% the value of company assets and Impac Mortgage Holdings, Inc. was at just 58%.

And sure enough, one year later, those stocks were up 446% and 581%.

If you had placed a mere $5,000 each in all three of these stocks, you’d be sitting on $91,600 total today.

That’s the power of buying stocks below cost. They can completely transform the value of your portfolio in a very short time.

Just think... Those three easy stock purchases would have doubled a $100,000 portfolio in 2012. And you wouldn’t have had to do anything else for the rest of the year.

If doing it on just three stocks in January is that powerful, imagine how much you could have made if you looked for stocks trading below cost once every month.

That’s why we believe they could very quickly generate $100,000 or more for you... Even if you only use them in a small portion of your holdings.

It’s important to also remember, those examples were just the stocks available on January 1... There are dozens of opportunities like this all year long...

Dozens of Opportunities to Double Your Money
All Year Long...

On any given day, there are at least a couple profitable companies in this unusual position of trading for less than the underlying value of the company’s assets.

It just happens sometimes when Wall Street traders ignore these less exciting companies. They get so enamored with big name growth stocks that they forget the very best buys are often smaller, profitable companies in boring industries.

Of course, eventually Wall Street notices and these companies snap back up to their true value. But as Alex points out, if we get in before the stock snaps back, we can make a bundle of money over and over again.

For instance, on June 2, 2012, BNCCorp, Inc. was trading at just 32% of the value of its assets. Today, it’s up 436%.

On September 16, 2012, MGIC Investment Corp., Himax Technologies and Research in Motion all traded below cost. Today, they are up 211%, 188% and 88%.

Very simply, if you look for these situations on any given day throughout the year... AND you make sure the companies are good, financially stable firms (Alex’s expertise)... You can very quickly make a ton of money.

And that’s exactly what Alexander Green is doing with his brand new service.

He calls it his True Value Alert.

With the True Value Alert, Alex will recommend two or three of these situations every month. Alex will inform you any time a strong company with good fundamentals is trading either below cost or very close to it.

That way, you can go from one to the next, collecting dozens of big winners as they leap back up to their true value throughout the year.

As I’ve said, our goal with this new service is to show you how to generate six-digit profits over the next year.

And I don’t think there could be a more powerful investment strategy to help us with this goal.

Study after study proves that buying stocks below cost, before they return to their true value, vastly outperforms the market.

Royce Funds Research, for example, did a study going back to 1978, which determined that these deep value stocks outperformed growth stocks by a 3-to-1 margin over that span.

A report in Kiplinger’s determined that these deep value stocks have outperformed the market for the last 81 years.

I think the prestigious Journal of Business and Financial Affairs sums it up best...

“They outperform when the markets go down and when they go up, and in good and bad times and when news is good and when it is bad. And they do all this without having higher risk.”

Really, none of this should surprise us.

Buying stocks below cost is the favored strategy of almost every one of the world’s most successful investors...

The Masters of Investing Swear By This... Shouldn’t You?

Since 1965, Warren Buffett has beaten the market by a 60-to-1 margin.

Let me repeat that... 60-to-1.

How does he do it?

Warren Buffett says he realized he was going to be rich very early on in his career. It was during his honeymoon out West that he figured it out:

“When I visited the casino and saw all these smart well-dressed people participating in a game with the odds against them, it was then that I realized I won’t have a problem getting rich!”

Buffett realized, with the help of his mentor Benjamin Graham, that Wall Street works the same way. A lot of smart people make sexy bets instead of looking for the easy profits.

“There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult,” he says.

So Buffett did the opposite. He looked for companies trading at zero cost or below. He did his homework, made sure they were financially strong and had good cash flow and earnings.

Then he bought them, and the rest is history.

Buffett’s profitability using this method is legendary.

Over one 13-year period, for instance, he averaged an annual gain of 29.5% without a single losing year.

But here’s what’s really amazing...

With all the success Buffett has had, regular investors just don’t seem to follow his lead. Why not exactly?

“I don’t know!” he says. “It’s not about high IQ. It just seems not to resonate with some people and talking about it or showing them the performance/results won’t help.”

But while regular folks often ignore Buffett’s secret, the truly brilliant investors certainly don’t.

Bill Miller, for example, uses this technique of buying stocks at below cost. His fund has grown from $750 million in 1990 to $20 billion by 2006 as a result.

John Templeton once famously used this technique to quadruple his personal portfolio in just four years.

Other investors that used this method to build fortunes include Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, Seth Klarman, Irving Kahn and Charlie Munger.

It seems amazing that people would ignore the proven technique of the world’s richest investors, but for some reason, they just keep doing it.

And that’s exactly why Alex decided to create his new service.

In it, Alex will look day-to-day for the strongest companies... with the best earnings potential... that are still trading below cost. He’ll do all the homework and then let you know exactly when one is a “Buy.”

The best part of all of this is that the risk is so low.

When you buy stocks this way, you already know that the underlying value of the company is higher than the current price.

It’s very likely then that all you have to do is sit back and wait for the gains to roll in.

And they often come quite fast. Here are the annual returns of just a few stocks that were trading below cost last year...
VLO... Up 112%   POWR... Up 114%
HMG... Up 304%   CLRO... Up 114%
GPRE... Up 229%   UFI... Up 150%
BNCC... Up 437%   ADUS... Up 236%
FBC... Up 240%   RDN... Up 420%

And none of these are options gains either. Each of these stocks more than doubled in about a year.

All you had to know to take advantage was when these stocks were trading below cost so you could buy in.

There’s really nothing different about this than what the masters of investing do every day.

But there is one thing that makes the True Value Alert special.

I think it gives Alex a huge advantage...

Why Alex Green’s True Value Alert
Can Do What Others Can’t...

As I mentioned before, the research group Ibbotson Associates did a long-term study on stocks over 78 years, from 1927 to 2005.

During that time, it found that just $100 invested only in Large-Cap Growth Stocks would have turned into $88,400.

Not bad.

However, that same $100 placed instead in only Large-Cap Value Stocks would have turned into $632,900.

That’s more than seven times more money.

But wait... It gets even more dramatic.

When you look at Small-Cap “Deep Value” Stocks, over those 78 years, $100 would have handed you $4,514,400 – 51 times more money than Large-Cap Growth Stocks!

In fact, no group of stocks outperformed Small-Cap “Deep Value” Stocks over those 78 years using this strategy.

And here’s why that fact makes Alex Green’s True Value Alert better than what any any other big name investor can do.

When someone like Warren Buffett targets a stock, he doesn’t just buy a few thousand shares. He generally buys hundreds of thousands of shares, if not the whole company.

That puts him at a disadvantage.

It means he generally must target large-cap stocks because, with small-cap stocks, he’d drive the price too high.

With Alex’s service, we don’t have that problem.

Alex can target the most lucrative small-cap “deep value” stocks in the market, giving you many more opportunities to double and triple your money over short periods.

This will be key if your goal is to generate at least six figures in investment profits over the next year.

So how do you get Alex’s first recommendation when it goes live?

How to Receive Alex’s First
True Value Alert Recommendation...

Right now, Alex is preparing everything for the launch of his brand new service.

He’s looking at a few very strong candidates at this moment that could end up doubling or tripling by year’s end.

As I said, I’m looking for a handful of people to be on board from the very start... And I think you’d be an excellent participant in this new service.

That’s why I’d like to give you a free subscription to Alex’s True Value Alert... Not just for a month... Not just for a year... But for life.

Once we launch this service to the rest of our members in the next couple of months, the retail price to join will be $4,500 per year.

But you won’t pay a dime. And you’ll be the very first on board.

Why am I doing this?

Let me explain...

Why You’ve Received This Invitation Today...

As a high-ranking member of The Oxford Club, you’ve shown a dedication to our organization that sets you apart. And since you already belong to our upper ranks, we’d like to promote you to our highest level of membership: The Chairman’s Circle.

The perks of being a Chairman’s Circle member are immediately obvious.

For one, you’ll never have to pay a subscription fee for any one of the Club’s newsletters or VIP Trading Research Services ever again. And that’s not just this year. Our elite members get free access to everything we publish for life.

But that’s just a taste of what it means to be part of the Circle.

As I’ll show you, Chairman’s Circle membership comes with a lifetime of Premier benefits, including invitations to Chairman’s Circle-only events at five-star luxury resorts... First access to special situations in the stock market... Special connections to our Pillar One Advisors with expertise in taxes, bonds, equities, real estate, art, and more... Special real estate opportunities shared amongst Chairman’s Circle members across the globe... And much more.

Clearly, Chairman’s Circle membership comes with a lot of perks.

And today we’re adding one more.

Our newest class of incoming members will be the first to receive Alexander Green’s True Value Alert. They will get access to this service before anyone else. And they will never have to pay a subscription fee for as long as we publish it, for life.

I can’t think of a better way to show you how well we treat our most elite members.

I believe you’ll quickly understand that joining The Chairman’s Circle is one of the most financially rewarding and life-changing decisions you can make for you and your family.

Our goal is to show you how to eliminate financial concerns from your life... So you can focus on what’s important to you.

Chairman’s Circle member Ralph Weston says it best:
“I made a consistent 40% (return) every year for three years and was able to retire at age 45, and now live comfortably off my investments. The multiple portfolios offer diversity, the strategies provide security and the results have provided financial security for myself and my successors.”

I believe you would make an ideal member of our elite inner circle. However there is one thing you should know...

We’re Only Inviting 375 People to Our
Highest Level at This Time

We only open up membership for very short periods each year. In addition, it’s very rare for Alex to create a brand new service for new members. There’s no telling when we might offer something like this again.

But at this time, I’d like to formally invite you to be one of the 375 we add to our ranks today.

You’ll be among the first to receive Alexander Green’s True Value Alert before it officially launches later this year... Likewise, you’ll have privileged access to just about everything else we publish for life.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your membership starts paying off. As member Josh Benson wrote to us:
“I don’t even recognize my portfolio anymore. Some of my more recent gains since signing on as a member of The Chairman’s Circle have been the following: 29.74% on HHGregg... 212.22% on Seagate Technology... 108.94% on Newfield Exploration Co., just to name a few.”

I want you to have a similar experience to Mr. Benson’s. And your VIP Trading Services will be the first step in learning to create a cascade of double- and triple-digit gains in any account.

Your first VIP benefit will be Alex’s latest service, the True Value Alert.

But from there, you’ll have access to all of our proven strategies including...

Alexander Green’s Two Long-Running
and Most Popular VIP Services

Alex is a rock star amongst Chairman’s Circle members. And it’s easy to see why. His common sense approach to investing have regularly produced eye-popping returns.

As a new inductee, you’ll have access to all of his VIP Services free for life, starting with:

Collect a Double At Least Once
Every Two Months With...

VIP BENEFIT #1 The Momentum Alert
List Price: $4,995 per year
Chairman’s Circle Price: Free for Life

The Momentum Alert is without question one of the longest running and most successful VIP Services at The Oxford Club.

Since 2003, Alex has generated 101 total triple-digit gains using this service. That’s more than one opportunity to double your money every two months.

So how has Alex done it?

Very simply, Alex has uncovered a blueprint that pinpoints nearly every winning stock before it goes on a big run.

This blueprint features 29 proven indicators that, when taken together, almost always lead to huge jumps in share price.

Among the most important indicators are...

Double-digit sales growth... 5 years of quarter-over-quarter earnings growth... 17% or better return on equity... New products and services in the pipeline... 8 years within its IPO... Strong institutional support... Share buybacks... Up-trending of heavy volume... And many more.

Of course, at any given time, lots of companies exhibit a few of these characteristics. But very rarely do you find a company that has all of them.

And when you do, that’s when you know you have a stock with a real force on your hands.

That’s exactly how Alex has been so successful with The Momentum Alert.

He does all the vetting... All the in-depth research... The countless hours spent pouring through financial statements and annual reports.

And then he passes the very few stocks that match the criteria over to you.

The triple-digit gains generated through this process have been staggering.

In one 15-day period during 2012 alone, Alex handed readers gains of 337% in Under Armour... 145% in Hain Celestial Group... 159% in Sourcefire... and 68% in GNC Holdings.

Imagine: a $2,000 investment in each of those would have resulted in profits of $14,180 and they were all closed out in a 15- day period.

You can see why The Momentum Alert carries a list price of $4,995. But as a new Chairman’s Circle member, you’ll get it free for life. Along with...

Use the Wealth-Generating Secrets of
Wall Street Insiders to Average
46% Per Closed Position With...

VIP BENEFIT #2 The Insider Alert
List Price: $4,995 per year
Chairman’s Circle Price: Free for Life

Alex’s Insider Alert is based on a fairly simple but devastatingly effective principle:

Company insiders know their businesses better than any analyst or researcher ever could. And when they buy company stock, they do it for one reason and one reason only...

Because they know the stock is about to shoot higher.

A perfect example of this is the story of Sheldon Adelson and Las Vegas Sands.

Way back in 2009, at the height of the market sell-off, Las Vegas Sands was selling at an unprecedented discount. Shares were just $3.

Of course pessimism ruled the day. And most people were running from Las Vegas Sands like everything else.

But Adelson knew better. As the company CEO, he knew what was on the horizon. He knew about the new casinos opening in Macau. He knew that their Las Vegas holdings were getting ready for a huge rebound. And he knew the stock was severely undervalued.

So Adelson did what any smart insider would do. He bought up as many shares as he possibly could. 12.5 million, to be exact – at $3 a pop.

Two months later, the stock had tripled. And today, Adelson’s shares are worth $600 million – about 16 times his initial purchase price.

But here’s the thing... Adelson wasn’t the only one to get rich off this situation.

In April 2009, Alex was monitoring all insider moves looking for signals that certain stocks were about to rebound.

When he saw Adelson’s massive purchase, he immediately sent an alert out to all Insider Alert members. Six weeks later, his recommendation was up 290%.

In a nutshell, that’s how The Insider Alert works.

Alex monitors all insider movements. And alerts you any time there is a buying spree at a certain company. And the results have been spectacular.

Since January 2009, Alex has led his readers to a total of 59 triple- or quadruple-digit gains, including highs of:
300% on MannKind 1,248% on CVR Energy
652% on Lorillard 646% on Hain Celestial Group
166% on Aon Corp. 318% on Bank of America
549% on NYSE Euronext Any many more...

Personally, I love The Insider Alert because it’s such an easy, common sense approach.

Insiders know what’s going on, and when they buy, it’s a proven indicator that things are about to get better.

And Alex’s track record clearly shows that following insiders does work. Since its inception, The Insider Alert has averaged a 46% gain on each closed position.

As a Chairman’s Circle member, we’ll make sure you know anytime a major insider buying spree is going on. And again, you’ll never pay another subscription fee.

So in total, you’ll get all three of Alex’s services: the brand new True Value Alert, The Momentum Alert, and The Insider Alert.

But that’s not all. You’ll also get...

Free Access for Life to Both of
Marc Lichtenfeld’s VIP Services

Marc’s been with us now for six years.

What I love about Marc is he takes a different approach to the markets than Alex, but one that’s proven to be just as effective.

Whereas Alex worked for one of the biggest names on Wall Street, Marc spent his time developing his talents working with boutique investment research shops and exclusive hedge funds.

During that time he honed his skills reading charts, working the trading desk and making contacts with some of Wall Street’s underground power players.

These connections eventually led to his two ultra-successful VIP Services, which you’ll have access to as a Chairman’s Circle member.

Access the Supercomputer That
Beat the Market By 1,873% With...

VIP BENEFIT #3 Oxford Systems Trader
List Price: $5,500 per year
Chairman’s Circle Price: Free for Life

In August 2011, when Marc launched his supercomputer-based service, Oxford Systems Trader, it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Congress had just dropped the ball on increasing the debt ceiling. The S&P downgraded the U.S. credit rating. And stocks were in the middle of a free fall.

However Marc was able to use his supercomputing system to pinpoint one of the only stocks to defy the market collapse. It was Cardtronics, the world’s largest non-bank ATM operator.

Marc recommended the play on August 10, and within a month, it produced a 130% gain.

Marc went on to show readers gains of 101% in 15 days on VeriFone... 157% in 49 days on Las Vegas Sands... and 200% on Enterprise Products Partners.

“I already made back my cost... in three days!! With your first two picks!! What a dynamite idea to use super computers and such a fantastic start.”

System Trader, Subscriber Justin H.

Marc was able to achieve this success by relying on a remarkable supercomputer to analyze billions of pieces of stock data in seconds and help him identify which ones are most likely to make a sudden leap in the days ahead.

It takes into account earnings growth, profit margins, buying and selling activity, price action, plus an unusual market phenomenon that Marc calls the “sweet spot.”

What’s perhaps most interesting about Marc’s supercomputing system is that it’s extremely selective.

During bear markets, the computer sometimes won’t signal anything. Which, of course, can be a good thing. When times are really tough, doing nothing can be the best strategy.

But when Marc’s supercomputing system does target a stock, it’s a very good sign. It means that the company is poised for a very quick jump in share price.

And as a Chairman’s Circle member, you’ll have access to every one of the Oxford Systems Trader’s recommendations without being charged a penny... for life.

Plus, you’ll get Marc’s groundbreaking Healthcare service...

Profit From the Fastest Growing
Industry in America With...

VIP BENEFIT #4 Healthcare Profits Alert
List Price: $4,995 per year
Chairman’s Circle Price: Free for Life

The next few years are going to be very exciting when it comes to biotech.

New robotic surgical methods... Gene therapies that can eradicate cancer before it starts... Real cures for blindness...

There’s even a treatment being developed right now called RNA Interference that could significantly reduce the effects of aging.

There’s no question that healthcare will be a huge growth sector in the years to come. And I can’t think of a better person to help you profit from it than Marc.

Marc has contacts throughout the biotech industry. He regularly flies all over the world to meet with CEOs of the top companies to see what they have on the horizon. Just a few weeks ago he traveled to Israel (a hotbed for biotechs) to do on-the-ground research at some very promising new companies.

And Marc’s hard work has certainly paid off.

For example, in November 2012, Marc sent out an alert regarding Astex Pharmaceuticals. From his research, he noted a strong likelihood that Astex was about to get good news about a drug it was developing for stomach, lung and prostate cancers.

He told his subscribers, and sure enough, the stock rocketed higher. Today, it’s still an open position in the portfolio with a 146% gain.

And that’s just one in a long line of big winners Marc has produced in the healthcare markets. His subscribers have seen 137% in Celldex... 140% in Health Management... And a near 40% open gain in Life Technologies in less than two months.

I think Healthcare Profits Alert is going to be one of our strongest services in the months and years ahead.

And again, you’ll have access to every one of Marc’s recommendations as a Chairman’s Circle member...

To sum up everything so far, you’ll get access to each of Alexander Green’s three VIP Services as well as Marc Lichtenfeld’s supercomputing and healthcare research services.

These services are best suited for those looking to supercharge their stock gains.

But if you’re nearing retirement and looking for income, we have the perfect services for you as well...

Never Lose a Penny in the
Stock Market Again With...

VIP BENEFIT #5 Oxford Bond Advantage
List Price: $4,995 per year
Chairman’s Circle Price: Free for Life

Steve McDonald’s Bond Service has one very specific goal:

Never lose money.

Of course, most investment services strive for that goal, but very few come anywhere near as close to achieving it as Steve.

Since he first launched his Oxford Bond Advantage last year, he’s recommended a total of 44 trades. 42 of them made money and two were small losses.

“I am getting better returns than the stock market, and I sleep at night.”

Bond Advantage Subscriber, Barry F.

That’s a 95% win-rate. And the gains aren’t exactly small either.

Just look at 2013...

So far, Steve has closed out a total of 14 trades. One was a single 6.5% loss.

The other 13 averaged a 20.5% gain each on an annualized basis. At that rate, even including the single loss, you’d double your money every four years.

Let me put that into perspective for you...

Steve is generating a 95% win-rate and gains that could be as high as 20% per year ... without even touching the stock market. He’s also doing it in bonds while the average savings account pays less than 1%... Treasuries pay less than 2%... And the average corporate bond pays just 3%.

So how does Steve do it?

Very simply, Steve has developed a conservative system for maximizing bond profits and safety.

He only buys bonds with strong financial backing and those available at a steep discount. And he doesn’t go for long-term bonds.

His technique works for three reasons:
  1. The bonds he chooses basically don’t default. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but in his time at The Oxford Club, he hasn’t had a single default.
  2. Buying at a discount allows Steve to lock in a sizable capital gain to go along with the interest paid. So if he buys at a 10% discount, he knows going in that he’s going to have an extra 10% payoff at the maturity date.
  3. His short time horizon means that, in a worst-case scenario, he can hold the bond to maturity, lock in the capital gain and collect the interest. A long-term bond doesn’t give you that luxury.
What I love about Steve’s service is that it gives our retired members a chance at stable, safe income and keeps them protected from any uncertainty in the markets.

Like John S. from Ogle County, IL, who recently told us:
“I am 62 years old and desperately need this service for my retirement income. Your bond service has been by far the best I have subscribed to in my entire life.”

As a Chairman’s Circle member, you’ll have access to all of Steve’s recommendations free for life. But that’s not the only income service you’ll get...

Increase Your Dividends up to 650% With...

VIP BENEFIT #6 The Oxford Income Letter
(Brand New Service)
List Price: $129 per year
Chairman’s Circle Price: Free for Life

Marc Lichtenfeld recently wrote the very popular new book Get Rich with Dividends.

The Oxford Income Letter is essentially his strategy from the book put into practice.

Very simply, Marc has created a system to increase your dividends by up to 650% from the average S&P stock.

It involves finding companies with decade-long commitments to raising dividends year after year... and the financial strength to continue doing so for many years to come.

Take Clorox, for example...

Since 1982, the world-famous detergent company has increased its dividend a total of 27 times. It’s gone from $.02 in 1982 to $.64 cents today.

During that time, the company hasn’t missed a dividend payment once. And if you reinvested those dividends, the total return over 30 years would have been 13,498% – enough to turn $10,000 into $1.4 million.

Obviously buying and holding companies like Clorox is a great strategy for building long-term wealth.

With The Oxford Income Letter, Marc looks for two major factors:
  1. Has the company raised dividends continuously for over 10 years?
  2. Does the company still pay a low percentage of overall cash flow toward dividends?
If the answers are yes, then this company is likely to generate very high income for you in the future. It’s shown a commitment to increasing payouts, and it has plenty of cash flow to do so.

If you’re looking for strong, safe stocks to give you reliable income month after month, this service will be perfect for you. And of course, you’ll get it free as a Chairman’s Circle member.

But there’s a lot more that we do for our members. For example, if you’re interested in the energy and infrastructure markets, we have...

Take Advantage of America’s
Unprecedented Oil and Gas Boom With...

VIP BENEFIT #7 Peak Energy Strategist
List Price: $1,100 per year
Chairman’s Circle Price: Free for Life

David Fessler has a pretty unique story here at The Oxford Club. Originally, he was a regular member before moving up to The Chairman’s Circle, just like I’m inviting you do today.

David grabbed our attention by always writing in with his insights in the oil, gas and alternative energy markets. Eventually we thought he was so good, we should bring him on as an editor with the Club.

I couldn’t be happier to have him as part of our team.

Since launching his Peak Energy Strategist, he’s sought to help members look for the exciting new energy technologies that drive the growth of our global economy in the 21st century...

He was one of the first to point out that America was in the midst of an oil and gas boom that would revitalize our economy.

He recommended companies like Westport Innovations, the developers of a new natural gas engine, which landed Peak Energy subscribers a 78% gain last year...

... And Williams Companies Inc., a Fortune 200 oil and gas company based in Tulsa. It’s up 86% since David recommended it.

All told, David holds 18 positions in his current portfolio. 15 are up, with only 3 single-digit losses.

I highly recommend you take a look at his work as a new Chairman’s Circle member. After all, with free access, you can pick and choose which services fit you best.

Plus, we have one other service I’d love to tell you about. I’m really excited about this one, although it also makes me a bit worried...

Increase Your Market Returns By 300% to 600%,
While Cutting Your Risk Up to Half With...

VIP BENEFIT #8 Emerging Trends Trader
List Price: $2,500 per year
Chairman’s Circle Price: Free for Life

Editor Matthew Carr has been developing Emerging Trends Trader for the last seven years. It’s based around a totally new approach to the stock market that he calls the Prime System.

Very simply, Prime lets you:
  1. Increase your market returns by 300% to 600%
  2. Cut your risk by up to half
Amazingly, it doesn’t require any options, tricks, or gimmicks. You simply buy a stock like normal, but end up with higher returns and less risk.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But it’s proven to work.

In fact, the Pepperdine University School of Business just completed a study of this phenomenon going back 38 years and concluded, “Returns would have been five times greater than the buy-and-hold strategy. Risk would have been reduced by more than half.”

But here’s why I’m worried...

Once you see how this powerful strategy works, it may be the only service you ever need. You may abandon our other services and simply go with this alone.

It’s just that powerful.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell.

Take a stock like Aéropostale. Between 2002 and 2013, Aéropostale did fairly decent. $20,000 invested in 2002 would be worth $144,791 today.

Not bad.

But using Prime, without any options, tricks or gimmicks, that same $20,000 would have turned into $621,264. That’s nearly five times more money. And shockingly, you would have also reduced your risk.

Another example is Kodiak Oil and Gas.

If you bought and held Kodiak since it went public in 2006, $20,000 would have turned into about $47,000. However, using Prime, that $20,000 would have jumped to $109,485 – an increase to your profit of 231%. And again, you could do this while cutting your risk in half.

This process... Multiplying your market returns 3- to 6-fold, while taking on less risk, can be done on literally dozens of stocks.

It even works on stocks that are going down. From 2007 to 2013, the company ValueClick dropped 11.5%. But using Prime, you would have made 444% over the same period.

This simple technique will absolutely change everything about the way you look at the stock market. It could easily become the most valuable part of your Chairman’s Circle membership.

And once again, you’ll get it free for life.

I suggest you make it your first order of business to go to our Chairman’s Circle-only website once you join and get full details on how this works.

Of course, these VIP Services are just a tiny fraction of everything you’ll get as a Chairman’s Circle member...

You’ll also get continued access to:

All Our Newsletters, E-Letters and
Model Investment Portfolios

As a Chairman’s Circle member, you get every one of our Oxford Club publications and portfolios free for life, including:
  • The Oxford Club Communiqué: Our flagship publication and portfolio, The Oxford Trading Portfolio has beaten the Wilshire 5,000 Index by a 30-to-1 margin. It should come as no surprise then that 22 out of our 25 current open positions are profitable, with gains as high as 165%, 196% and 261%. The average gain is 61%, with an average holding time of less than a year.
  • Gone Fishin’ Portfolio: If you don’t have much time to agonize over each investment decision, you should consider The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio. It only takes 20 minutes per year to rebalance, and since its inception the average gain is 105.5%.
  • The Oxford All-Star Portfolio: Made up of investment vehicles run by the men who are – in our view – the world’s investing All-Stars, these investments reflect the superb, audited track records of Wall Street’s most storied investors.
And yes, there’s more...

Private Publications Just for
Chairman’s Circle Members

Several of our best services are reserved only for Chairman’s Circle members.

For example, The Chairman’s Circle Weekly Briefing. This service is best for those members who don’t have time to keep up with the day-to-day movements in each of our VIP Services.

With the Weekly Briefing, you’ll receive (in a single email) a quick and easy-to-follow snapshot of everything going on in The Momentum Alert... Oxford Systems Trader... Peak Energy Strategist... And all the other VIP Services you’re entitled to.

You’ll get news on new recommendations, updates on current holdings, notices to buy and sell. We don’t want investing to be a chore for you. With the Weekly Briefing, we make it extremely simple and straightforward so you can get back to living your life.

Plus, here’s another major benefit of being one of our top members...

In The Chairman’s CirclePrivate Interest,” you’ll find the opportunities, we as founders and directors of the Club, often get to see in advance. I’m talking about opportunities like private art auctions...... opportunities to get in early-on with exciting new business ventures... private real estate investments we’re researching – in places like Mexico’s Costa Maya and Nicaragua... special micro-cap situations... banking investments... exotic collectibles... the very interesting land bank situation we’re currently looking at... and much, much more.

Sometimes unusual investments like these offer a great opportunity to make money even when the economy and the stock market are struggling.

For instance, a few of our members were able to book 500% gains by getting in early on Rancho Santana, our beautiful real estate development in Nicaragua. It overlooks several breathtaking beaches on the Pacific Coast.

Speaking of travel, we also have some exclusive travel benefits for Chairman’s Circle members only...

Your VIP Travel Benefits

Part of The Chairman’s Circle lifestyle is enjoying all the experiences the world has to offer.

That’s why we’ve put together a package of benefits to make travel as easy and comfortable as possible for you, starting with...
  • $250 Credit Towards A Stay in Our Nicaraguan Beachfront Clubhouse Locale.
  • Special Discounts on All Club Events and Conferences.
We like to treat our Chairman’s Circle members as real VIPs.

So, how much does a membership cost, you’re probably wondering?

Well, before I get into that, I should probably share with you the most-compelling reason to accept my invitation today...

Don’t Take My Word For It... Here’s What Current
Chairman’s Circle Members Have to Say...

I have no doubt that an individual, such as yourself, fields offers left and right from organizations claiming to have all the answers to your financial goals.

I receive those types of offers all the time, myself.

Of course, as the Executive Director of The Oxford Club for more than 23 years, I know that what we’re offering you today is truly unique.

In fact, let me share with you what our members have to say about Chairman’s Circle membership...

Member Jeremy Kraus told us:
“I must say, my decision to join could have not come at a more opportune time. I’ve already experienced returns on recommendations to cover the cost of upgrading to Chairman’s Circle, plus about 6 times the cost of membership. It was like you gave me a membership and a nice pot of money to start.”

Member James Stern said:
“The OC Chairman’s Circle has been the best investment decision I’ve made. Wish I had been into these [stocks] a long time ago.”

Some of our Chairman’s Circle members are even financial advisors themselves who use their membership to advise their clients...

“I Use My Oxford Club Subscription Extensively in Managing My High Net Worth Clients’ Money.”

“I manage $150 million of discretionary equity for affluent individuals at a large service brokerage firm. In spite of a multi-million research department, I use my Oxford Club subscription extensively in managing my high-net worth clients’ money.”Financial Advisor Charles Johansen

“Repaid My Membership Fee Many Times Over”

“For the past 26 years I have worked in the financial services industry in numerous capacities. I decided to join [the] Director’s Circle Fellowship as a lifetime member in 2004. I have had so many successful investments that I have since repaid my membership fee many times over. The Oxford Club has changed me as a person, an investor, and as an advisor to others.”Certified Financial Planner Robert Clarkson

Of course I could go on with these, but I know your time is important and I think you understand how valuable The Chairman’s Circle status can be.

So let me review everything you’ll get...

A Review of Your $37,022 Benefits Package

As a Chairman’s Circle member, you’ll get lifetime access to all the Premier benefits I mentioned earlier, including:
Alexander Green’s long standing VIP Trading Research Services
The Insider Alert $4,995 per year
The Momentum Alert $4,995 per year
Both of Marc Lichtenfeld’s VIP Trading Research Services
Oxford Systems Trader $5,500 per year
Healthcare Profit Alert $4,995 per year
Both of Our Income Services
Oxford Bond Advantage $4,995 per year
The Oxford Income Letter $129 per year
Our Energy and Infrastructure Service
Peak Energy Strategist $1,100 per year
Our Two Brand New Services for 2013
Emerging Trends Trader $2,500 per year
True Value Alert $4,500 per year

Total Value:
$33,709 per year
All Our E-Letters, Investment Newsletters and Portfolios:
The Oxford Club Communiqué $149 per year
The Oxford Portfolio Update Included
The Oxford Insight/Market Wake-Up Call Included
The All-Star Portfolio Included
The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio Included
The Oxford Trading Portfolio Included

Total Value:
$149 per year
Special Travel Benefits
Credit Towards a Relaxing Stay at a Nicaragua Beachfront Clubhouse $250
Invitation to The Chairman’s Circle Annual Reception $200
Special Discounts on All Conferences and Private Wealth Seminars $800

Total Value:

(For Chairman’s Circle Members – FREE FOR LIFE)

Wealth-Building Reports/Books

*Subject to a $10 Shipping and Handling fee

The Ultimate Options Primer: Everything You Need to Know to Trade Options Safely for Maximum Returns $24.95
Investment U Course: How to Build a Million-Dollar Portfolio From Scratch

(This is not available for the simple $10 fee, but it is deeply discounted for Chairman’s Circle members)

Secrets of the Masters $39.95
The Oxford Club’s Guide to Smart Investing $29.95

Total Value:
Alternative Investment Recommendations
Chairman’s Circle Private Interest $1,500

Total Value:
Plus you’ll also receive...
Special Chairman’s Circle Contacts
Access to Our Most Trusted Pillar One Advisors
Your Own Chairman’s Circle Liaison at The Oxford Club


But there’s one last benefit I haven’t mentioned. I believe it’s the most valuable perk we offer. Remember, our goal here at the Club is to help you enjoy true and lasting financial freedom.

And it doesn’t stop just with you. We want your membership to be a lasting legacy carried on within your family for generations.

That’s why...

You Can Pass Your Membership on,
Free of Charge, to Your Children...
Grandchildren... And Beyond

Once you’re a Chairman’s Circle member, you are one of us for life.

And as such, you can bequeath your membership to your spouse or children... Even your grandchildren. That way your lifetime of benefits truly never ends. Your loved ones can enjoy each and every benefit – the VIP Research Services, invitations to five-star resorts, opportunities in exclusive real estate deals, etc. – for many years to come.

It’s just one of the many privileges associated with our elite status.

Plus... We’re always adding new benefits like the latest Emerging Trends Trader or Alex’s new True Value Alert.

And you’ll be the first to get access to anything new we might add. Let me show you how this all will work...

An Incredible Deal... That Just Keeps Getting Better

For all the benefits I’ve mentioned in this invitation...

First access to every urgent investor report... Membership in all 9 of our VIP Services... $250 towards a stay at our Nicaragua resort clubhouse... members-only get-togethers at five-star resorts... Discounts on services from Oxford Club affiliates... Access to our Pillar One Advisors...

Your own Liaison at The Oxford Clubhouse waiting to answer your questions or help you with membership issues... editions of our Chairman’s Circle-only publications... and the opportunity to generate close to $100,000 or more in the year ahead...

For a total package worth some 37 thousand dollars, what would you be willing to pay for a lifetime of benefits? If you have a $100,000 account and it grew to $200,000 by the end of the year, what would The Chairman’s Circle membership be worth to you?

$50,000? $25,000?

At the very least, many people would be willing to pay $20,000 or more for the opportunity to grow their portfolio that fast.

But how much does the one-time fee to join The Chairman’s Circle cost?

Nothing close to any of those figures.

The Chairman’s Circle comes at a cost of just $6,750 total. And once you’ve paid the fee, you’ll never have to pay a subscription fee again for anything I’ve outlined in this letter... Even if you continue as a Chairman’s Circle member for the next 35 years, you’ll get everything we’ve talked about, plus all the new benefits and services we plan to add.

The only cost is a small $125 maintenance fee each year to cover our increasing cost of mailing, customer service and expanding technologies.

I think you’ll agree that’s more than fair.

But, because you’ve been a loyal Oxford Club member, I’d like to extend to you a special opportunity...

How to Get $1,750 for
Accepting My Invitation Today

As I said at the beginning of this invitation, I’m looking for 375 people to try Alex’s new True Value Alert.

Our goal is to help you generate as much as $100,000 in your portfolio within the year... And without changing your traditional asset allocation model.

I’d like to fill these spots quickly so we can get started with the fun part.

That’s why... Should you decide to accept this invitation today, you will automatically receive a $1,750 bonus to your Club account. We’ll automatically deduct it from your one-time fee to join The Chairman’s Circle.

In total, you’ll get everything for a deeply discounted, one-time initiation fee of just $5,000.

This is as low an initiation price as we normally offer. And once this invitation expires or all spaces are filled, you will almost assuredly never see a price close to this ever again.

If you’ve ever been curious to try our assorted VIP Services... this really is a no-brainer. You’ll get a full 9 VIPs all for less than the cost of just a single year’s subscription to say, Oxford Systems Trader at $5,500.

And you’ll finally have a chance to take your time... Try each unique service... And decide which ones are best for your market approach.

Of course, I realize that $5,000 is a good amount of money. But when you look at all the benefits and you take into account that this one-time fee gets you access for life, I think it becomes clear that The Chairman’s Circle offers a great value.

I think Chairman’s Circle member Jason O’Brien sums it up quite nicely:
“Writing a check to pay for a Chairman’s Circle membership made me swallow hard before doing it, but I have gotten the money back many times over. I learned the logic of rebalancing and watched my Vanguard retirement portfolio swell to $1.2 million.”

I think you’re going to really enjoy being part of our inner circle, and I look forward to welcoming you as a new member soon.

However, there’s something you need to consider as you make your decision.

We Can Only Induct 375 New Members Total

When we first created The Chairman’s Circle, it was an exclusive “Club within the Club.” The idea was to keep it extremely tight-knit... Which we have.

That’s why, when we open up membership, we only do it for a very short period. And we only bring in a small amount of new members at a time.

After that, entry to our inner circle remains closed for months, sometimes years at a time. When we’ve decided on a goal like showing you how you could generate six-figure profits in the year ahead, we realize it’s best to do it with a small, focused group.

Therefore, only the first 375 members who respond to this invitation will be accepted at this offer level. Once the spots are filled, there won’t be any second chances to an opportunity like this one. So I encourage you not to wait until the last minute to respond.

Just click Join Now to start the process. (This link will simply take you to an order form that lists all benefits and special offers. Feel free to click the link, look it over and then make a final decision.)

Once you decide to join, I’ll immediately send you our full Chairman’s Circle welcome package right away, including a special gift from me. Your name will be added as well to our most valued circle of Oxford Club members.

Then, you’ll begin receiving every one of our VIP Services right away, including the True Value Alert. Remember, our goal here is to show you how to make close to $100,000 in the year ahead... And much more each year moving forward.

That means growing your portfolio from $100,000 to $200,000... $200,000 to $400,000... $400,000 to $1 million. Also, I’d love to hear how your progress is going. Just send an email whenever you’d like.

And finally, our Chairman’s Circle Liaison will be available year-round for any questions you might have.

I have no doubt that your ascent to the Club’s highest level will be swift and exhilarating.

To accept this invitation in time to receive a $1,750 discount on membership fees... Please click here now or on the “Join The Chairman’s Circle” button below... Or call our VIP Services Team at 888.570.9830 or 410.454.0498 and give them your Priority Code: EOXCP546. You’ll be ushered into our elite inner circle immediately.
I look forward to welcoming you personally.


Julia C. Guth
Executive Director
The Oxford Club

P.S. This could be your last chance to receive access to all of our new and upcoming products in 2013, including Alex’s new the True Value Alert – absolutely free as a new member of The Chairman’s Circle. With the True Value Alert, our goal is to help you make a six-figure profit in the next year... Even with just a small portion of your holdings. Remember, buying stocks below cost has led to gains of 505%... 581%... 420%... 437%... And many more big triple-digit winners.

Alex’s new service promises to be very profitable. But in order to secure your place amongst our elite group, you’ll have to act quickly. I urge you to go ahead and start your membership right now.

P.P.S. The doors are set to close on this opportunity as soon as we receive 375 RSVPs for the available spots. Once they are filled, we’ll immediately close down enrollment. And you may never see this steeply discounted price again. To claim your spot now, just click the “Join The Chairman’s Circle” button below. (This will take you to an order review form. You’ll have the opportunity to review all benefits before making a final decision.)